Qualities of Friendship

There are many different qualities people look for when looking for a friend to spend their quality time with.  For many this might be trustworthy, pretty, gentle, a good listener, and many more to go along with those.  Personally for me the main three qualities I look for when considering a friend would be funny, honest, and athletic.

Being funny is a big part of a friendship for me because I am not fake laughing through our whole friendship so you gotta be funny to be my friend. If you are not funny then what is the actual point of being friends.  Laughter burns calories also so you might be able to get fit while being friends with me.   I am a very humorous person so if you do not get my jokes then you are not an important part of my life.  Laughter makes life a little bit more fun and not so grumpy all the time.

Honesty plays a big part in ant type of relationship but especially in a friendship.  Being honest with your friends builds a bigger trust between the two of you.  When you lie to yourself or to your friend it makes your friendship really unsteady and make you doubt your friendship in many ways.  Honesty is always the best option because liars are people that nobody really wants in their life because you never know what they  are saying to you is true or not.

I am a very athletic person and so are most of my friends.  I do not want to sit around all day and do nothing the whole time we hangout, I want to do activities.  Athleticism shows a sense of a wild side also for me because it shows and sense of adventure and a sense of outgoing characteristics as a person.

Everyone has different characteristics as a person therefor everyone looks for different things in friends.  Most people I am friends with have the same characteristics as me so then we have the same qualities to show each other.  Everyone is different and everyone looks for different qualities in friendships.


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