Friendship Tableau

Portraying scenes is hard but portraying scenes without talking is even harder.  Last week our class got split up into groups and each group had to present a scene in front of the whole class about what was on their cards.  Not only could we not talk but we could not move once we got up there.  This was a hard yet interesting task to watch some groups complete.

Portray a scene in which all are friends in the group and they are all enjoying doing the same thing together.  This task was one of the easiest to sketch out in front of the classroom as we do it all the time throughout lunch and throughout sports without even realizing.  We are so quick to judge a scene without even realizing we are and could be mixing up the whole story.  It could look like one thing is happening but could mean something completely different.

Portray a scene in which people enjoy talking in two or threes.  This might happen many times throughout the usual day at school.  You could be sitting at the lunch table and there could be 6 of you but your only talking to 2 people and not the whole group.  It does not mean you do not like the other people it just happens you only talk to 2 of them at a time.

Portray a scene in which the people enjoy small groups rather than a large group.  This happens more times than not for most people throughout the day.  Not everyone likes talking in big groups all the time and they might just want to talk in a smaller group with less going on.  Less noise is sometimes a better thing and not so many people talking makes the conversations more clear.

Many of these scenes we portrayed happen on a regular basis for us but we barely ever seem to notice.  Not every scene was always a goof thing but it was not a bad thing at the same time.  We make false judgement sometimes towards scenes we see happening within a group without knowing whether they are true or not.

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