What it Means to be Human.

Rocks, carrots, bunny’s, and Humans all have different objective qualities.  Some of them are alive some of them are inert and some of them can reproduce.  Yet the Human system is so much more than that of a rock or that of a bunny.   We have a conscience, we have an understanding of why we do what we do, we have a cerebral cortex, we can even adapt to changes.  We can not visualize ourselves as anything but extraordinary because of all the abilities we have that other creatures do not.

Having that voice inside your head telling you what is wrong and what is right is a huge advantage humans have that other species do not.  If we did not have a conscience like a dog does not , every time someone walks into our house we would either be yelling at the top of our lungs or would be wagging our butt so hard it would fall off.  Having a conscience saves us from doing a lot of stupid things that would either embarrass us or maybe get us sent to jail.  Having a conscience tells us when and when not to sing to our favorite singers or when to say something to someone you do not know.

We adapt to changes  better than any other creature in this universe does.  We adapt to animals, we use many furs off many animals in order to keep our human bodies warm in cold weather.  We use them as meat to eat to fuel our bodies and to keep us alive.  Having to adapt is a huge advantage towards man kind because there is not another animal on this earth that will kill its predator and use their fur as a hat or as a blanket to keep themselves warm.

Humans have a great advantage on every other specie is this universe.  Whether it is their adaptations, their conscience, or their cerebral cortex helping them out in times of need.  Many humans use this to their advantage but many take it for granted.  We need to make sure we realize we have a huge advantage towards other animals and creatures on this earth.


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