Beast From the Water

“You ought to die before you let the fire out” – Ralph

What would you die for?  A question that many kids of the ages 5-12 would not really be able to answer with a deep water thought.  In the lord of the flies the characters are aged from 5-12 and their chief Ralph tells them “ you ought to die before you let the fire out.” At the age of 15 many kids could still not answer this question to their full ability.  When Ralph says this astonishing quote he is not meaning to literally go up to the top of the mountain and die but it really gets the reader thinking about what is important in life and what is not.

Many adults could not even answer that question without hesitating.  In the bible there is a story that relates to this topic very well. God sends Abraham a message telling him to give up his own son, Isaac, for sacrifice as a sign of his love and devotion towards God.  Isaac is Abraham’s only son so when God tells him to sacrifice him Abraham does but only because it is for the one and only God. If anyone else told him to kill his son he would have said no but Abraham knows what is important to die for and what is not important to die for.  

Jesus knew exactly what was worth dying for and did it.  Jesus sacrificed himself for us and for all of our sins. Jesus was the wisest man to walk the earth and died on the cross for everyone on earth.  Nobody ever compares anybody to Jesus and nobody ever should because he knows better than anyone what is worth dying for and what is not worth dying for.  Jesus did not even know most people on this earth but he knew he had to die for us.

Mothers and fathers know exactly what they would die for.  Their kids are the most precious humans in the whole world to them and they know in a heartbeat they would die for their children.  They raise their kids to be all that they can be and they would do anything to see them succeed and would do anything to protect their children in the same way that their parents would protect them and their grandchildren.  You need to truly love someone if you are willing to give your life up for them to live.

Jack, Ralph, and Piggy are all to young and not mature enough to know what is to die for.  When Ralph says “you ought to die before you let the fire out” I do not think he truly knows what he is saying in that sentence.  Abraham knew what was to die for and not that is why he was willing to give up his son for God and only for God. Jesus had to best idea in the world about dying for someone else.  He died for millions of other people and their sins without most people even realising it at the time. Parents all across the world know they are willing to die for their kids and the kids do not realise how grateful they should be for that.  Dying for someone or something is a huge choice and not everyone knows what exactly they would die for.

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