Jessica sighed as Bella screamed in Jaxons ear and cried over her spilled chocolate milk.

Jessica reached over to the crying toddler and tried to quiet her. She looked over at her other child, Jaxon, and sighed again as he attempted to lick the spilled milk off the counter.

“Jaxon, kiddo you can’t be doing that. Please just go to your room and get into bed, it’s bedtime” she said in a soothing voice. Jaxon hopped of his high chair and ran down the hallway to his room.

Jessica looked down lovingly at Bella and fingered her perfect red curls. Bella had finally calmed down and was giggling in a sleepy state.

Jessica carried her baby to her room and lay her down in her crib. She watched as she slowly closed her eyes and fell asleep.

She walked down the hallway into Jaxons room. He was laying on the floor asleep cuddled up to his toy tractor. She picked him up and tucked him into his red race car bed and quietly wished him goodnight.

With both kids asleep finally Jessica decided to relax and take some time for herself. Just as Jessica sat down the phone rang and she let out an exhausted moan. She stretched her legs and walked over to the ringing phone.

It was a foreign number and she crossed her fingers as she prayed that it was good news of her husband. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She pressed talk and raised the phone to her ear.


“Hello ma’am, we regret to inform you that your husband has been killed heroically in Afghanistan. He used himself as a shield to save four young children. His body will be delivered home and a special ceremony will be held. That’s all ma’am, have a good night” said an officer in an informatively grave face. Then the call ended.

Jessica stared down at her paint covered hands. It couldn’t be real, this couldn’t actually be happening. Her husband, her Jamie, the father to her children. It was all wrong. They had said that he had died a hero saving children, but what about their children?

In a surge of anger she threw the phone across the kitchen. She collapsed on the ground her heart shattered. She pounded the ground with her fists until they bleed dark red. Tears streamed down her face and she felt as if she was suffocating.

She remained laying on the ground, unable to move. Her husband was gone. Her best friend was lost. A man she had known her entire life was dead, just like that, and she didn’t even get to say goodbye. Her heart ached for the man she loved. Her thoughts were completely centered on his death, she was unable to think of anything else.

Jessica didn’t know how she was going to go on. She couldn’t. At last she stood and walked calmly over to the knife rack beside the sink. She let her fingers grasp around the smooth black handle on one of the knives. This was it, she couldn’t go on. The pain was immeasurable. She pressed the shiny silver blade to her wrist, and let out a sorrowful breath.


Jessica whipped her head around and the knife dropped into the sink. Her eyes once more filled with tears as she saw Jaxon staring at her in horror. He was still half asleep and holding onto his tractor. How on Earth was she supposed to tell her four year old son that his daddy was never going to come home? Jamie had been his hero.

Jackson rushed over to Jessica and wrapped his tiny arms around her. “Mommy don’t hurt yourself, I love you” Jaxon murmured as he kissed her arm. She stared at him with tears in her eyes.

“Oh baby, I’m so so sorry” Jessica said as she picked him up cradling him. She stood there swaying her hips back and forth soothingly. Jaxon slowly fell back asleep and she felt his warm head press on her heart. She was completely broken, but she had to go on. She had to be their hero.

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