Learning Styles

There are 3 different types of learning styles. The first one is visual, visual learners have a preference for seeing material in order to learn it. Second there is auditory, people with this learning style have to hear information to truly absorb it. Lastly there is kinesthetic, these people  like to move their body and hands while learning.

According to myblueprint.ca, I have almost exactly the same percent for all three learning styles. I am 35% kinesthetic, 34% auditory, and 31% visual. I do agree with myblueprint.ca because I think that I use every learning style because depending on the activity that I am doing I will use them all in different situations. I have always thought that I was a little bit more kinesthetic than the other two and that is exactly what myblueprint.ca showed me when I took their survey.  It says that I learn best by touching, doing, hearing, and listening which I think is a very accurate description on how I learn.

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