Personality Survey

I took the survey on to see what my personality type would be and the results were pretty accurate. The survey gave me the name of my personality type which is “INFP (The Healer). According to the test I am very introverted, intuiting, feeling, and perceiving. To be an introvert it means to be shy and to keep my thoughts to myself. I am really shy when meeting new people but not towards the people that I already know very well. To be intuiting it means to understand or work out by instinct, by this it means that I am an abstract thinker and I see big picture ideas. The survey also said that I had feeling, which at first I was confused about but I understand now, this means that I am caring and that I take into consideration how my actions will affect others. Lastly the survey said that I am perceiving which means I am able to “go with the flow”, keep my options open, and that I am open to new information.

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