I took the “interests” survey on and the results were somewhat accurate. It said that my interest type was “The Translator” The described the translator as “A Translator combines their imagination with their strong communication skills to connect with the people around them. They’re comfortable in the spotlight or behind the scenes. The Translator can take complicated ideas and activities and turn them into something that people can easily understand and connect with. Original in their thoughts and actions, the Translator enjoys sharing information and likes to work independently. When you need to bridge the gap between different groups of people, or explain something complicated, a Translator can help you get it done.” One thing that I do not agree with that is the part were translators can help explain something complicated because I am really not good at that.

Then I had a whole bunch of interest traits but the two primary ones were Artistic and Social. The survey said that I was 81% Artistic which they said means “Artistic occupations require self-expression, creativity and usually feature work that can be done without following a clear set of rules. These occupations usually require an environment where flexibility, variety and change are expected.” Then the survey said that I was 71%  Social which means “Social occupations revolve around people. These occupations usually involve assisting, teaching, healing or serving others. The focus of Social occupations can range from very practical to highly academic outcomes.” The survey also said that I was 60% Enterprising, 60% Realistic, 46% Investigative, and 31% Conventional.

Lastly the survey had these sections like “I like to work with” and “This is how I like to approach things”. In the “I like to work with” section they had only two things which were ideas and people. Then in like “This is how I like to approach things” section they had 4 things: strong bias for independence, moderate bias for thought, strong bias for variety and spontaneity, and strong bias for following their heart. At first I did not know what bias meant so when I searched it up the definition that made the most sense was “prejudice in favor of or against one thing, person, or group compared with another, usually in a way considered to be unfair.”

Some of my interests that I included in my canva art are playing volleyball, hanging out with my friends, sunsets, going to the lake, campfires, boating, and swimming.

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