Knowledge Survey

In the knowledge survey that I took it said that my top subject area is creative arts. I got 100 percent creative arts and on the write up about it was: ¨Art courses help you develop artistic abilities, techniques and  practices. Topics may include: Visual Arts, Music and Dramatic Arts.¨  I definitely agree with this because ever since I was little my parents have always told me how creative I am. I love things to do with forms of art for example: I love to draw, play the guitar and ukulele, I was in theatre for 4 years, and I also really appreciate other people’s forms of art. Next, the survey gave me my second subject area which they said is physical education. On for physical education it says: ¨Physical Education courses help you understand and appreciate a healthy and active lifestyle. Topics may include: Sports, Wellness and Health Sciences.¨ It said that I was 100 percent physical education too,but when I first read that I thought that there was not way. But after reading the description I now agree with it because at first I did not know that wellness and health sciences was in it. For this one it’s a little harder to explain because I’m not really into that many sports because I really only like volleyball and lacrosse. I am pretty interested in medical things and the wellness of our bodies. Lastly, for third subject area I got mathematics with a 94 percent. On it saids ¨Math courses help you develop your problem solving and reasoning skills. Topics may include: Calculus, Geometry, Algebra and Finite Math.¨ about math. This one I agree with also because well one math is my favorite subject in school and two I am pretty good with problem solving and reasoning skills.

At the very bottom it tells you based your top 3 what careers you might be interested in for mine it gave me ¨Arts, Audio/Video Technology and Communications¨ says this about those 3 things: ¨The Arts: This field is a combination of two main fields. It provides other industries with the content such as images for marketing and product promotion. Yet it also provides a platform for entertainment including the performing arts such as drama, film and music and the visual arts. A/V Technology: This field focuses on providing audio and video services to events. It involves set up, operation and maintenance of equipment to enhance live events. Equipment includes microphones, projectors, video recorders, lighting and sound mixing equipment. It can also include recording meetings and presentations with video cameras, operating spotlights, adjusting amplifiers, coordinating graphics used in displays and providing technical support for clients. Communication: This field is focused on creating and maintaining positive relationships between clients and the public often using media outlets. Press releases, public events and client branding are used to create and maintain these relationships.¨ They give me about 45 different job ideas here are a couple of them: Actor, animator, artist, camera operator, craftsperson, creative writer, dancer, director, editor, graphic designer, makeup artist, music director, musician, photographer, producer, singer, set designer reporter, entertainer, and many more.  

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