Motivation Survey

I did the survey about motivations on and mt results said my top motivational factor is “relationships”.  On the website for the motivation relationships it said “An emotional or some other connection between people, a connection or association. We all form relationships with other people. Some are good, some are not so good. When we work and interact with someone, no matter how frequently, we form a relationship with them. It’s difficult to imagine any circumstance, at work, at school, in person or online, where we don’t form a relationship of any kind.” I think that this is very true because over the past few years I have realized that I like working with other people a lot and I like to be around other people. I’ve grown so used to being around other people that when I’m alone I think and act differently and my mood tends to be not as good as when surrounded by others. I’m not saying that being around people is always better because there are certain people that I can not stand and that when I’m around them I wish I was alone, and I’m also not saying that I don’t like alone time because sometimes just listening to music and being by myself is nice too. All I’m saying is that I feel that I work better and am generally just a better person when surrounded by people that I like and care about. Some things that motivate me are: when everyone is happy, being around others, music, religion, speeches, fear, social media, coaches, art, teachers, and many more things.

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