Who am I?


¨Who am I?¨ A question that many people ask themselves yet many do not have the answer to. Everyone is different in their own ways, depending on their interests, religion, weaknesses, strengths, and much more.

One thing that is unique about me is that I love math, whereas most kids my age find it intolerable. I’m not sure why, but ever since I was in elementary I have always been drawn to this subject, I have always found it to be fairly easy for me. Another thing that I love doing is playing volleyball, growing up I tried probably over 7 different sports and volleyball is the only one that I have stuck with for over 4 years. When I’m on the court I can’t help but get this feeling that I have to prove myself to others and play my very best.

When I graduate I am hoping to play volleyball in college but I also want to get a degree to be a guidance counselor because I want to help others to get better and help them overcome hard moments in their life. I also want to start volunteering at an animal shelter after grade school because I have a strong love for pets, which I suppose is another thing that makes me unique. I am also hoping to have children too, three to be exact.

One symbol that I would say represents me would have to be a blooming flower, because as the different layers bloom over time it’s like how the closer I get with someone the more layers I let them know about my true self. I am very proud of myself for one of my top characteristics, which is, how accepting I am to others. I don’t leave people out because of their certain characteristics, I usually try to make sure that everyone is included no matter what. A few things that I need to work on though are being more positive because when introduced to new situations I can usually be very negative, and  I also need to work more on not focusing on what everybody thinks about me, because all that matters is what I think of myself.

When asked this question it can be difficult for many people to answer, because they do not know exactly who they are. In my eyes, I think that being exactly the same as someone is boring because I like to be original and unique.

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