Response to Afrika road

There are many boards, for years and years there has been boards. They are very white and plain looking. If you look closely you can see my pain. I have scars, marks and chips. Nobody really thinks about my pain, they don’t realize what i go through. I am the boards. I have seen things that nobody else has seen over the years. Pain, lots of pain. I take a beating but so does the players who run into me. Ive seen racism, broken bones, concussions, even almost death. Its been a rough life. Every time the players run into me i slowly break down more and more. I take every hit no matter what. When i was brand new i used to really stiff and really strong. Now the years have passed and i’ve been torture and slashed, I have became weak and flimsy. The pain will continue until i finally break down and am to weak to stand any longer.

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