Final Essay

 L.A. Final Essay

In our lifetime we experience a lot of things. Sometimes life brings you down, but you’re strong enough to pull through. “Pain and Gain”. Some may say “no pain, no gain” Pain can be caused by anything. Small or big, it has the same effect. Out of pain you get gain. Gain happens when you rise up through the pain and find good. Gain can be achieved by many things. Learning from your mistakes or achieving something is a gain. After you achieve something you feel special. You accomplished a goal you set out for yourself. Nothing can stop you from achieving anything but yourself. It shows off in the end by how much work you put in to accomplish such a task.
100% of people experience some sort of pain throughout their lifetime. It’s part of being human. We all make mistakes that hurt other people’s feelings. We have all experienced a family member or close friend that has passed away. You can’t avoid that. This is a really hard thing to deal with and it will take time to recover. You have those days where you still find yourself thinking about them and remember all the memories you shared together. You may feel alone in this big world, you come across times where you think nothing will help, as well as when you don’t think people are trying to help. The recovery process is the hardest thing. It’s like a wound that never heals. Over time you will see a change in your life, it may even be the smallest change in which you don’t even see it. Another cause of pain that doesn’t have long term negative results is pushing your body to the limits, the breaking point. Striving to do better as an athlete. Working your muscles till they can’t work anymore and you can’t move any further. At the start it doesn’t seem worth it. It like you making your body hurt for no reason. You ache for days on end with no visual results. You find yourself asking “why did I even start doing this”? You know in the end that it will make you a better athlete but you can’t see it
Through hard work, great things can happen. Gains are positive things that occur in your life that makes you feel good about yourself. Most people have played sports. What’s the feeling you get when you win the game? Winning is achieving. You put all your pain and sweat into making yourself better or stronger. All those times you pushed yourself to run that extra mile or to lift ten more pounds has finally paid off. You see in the end that it is worth it. At the beginning you may feel like the best bet is to just give up, but you know this is the only thing that’s going to help. Gain can be caused by many more things than just winning a baseball game. It might be that promotion you’re working for at work or working to try and meet a healthier lifestyle. By doing any of these things, it’s considered a gain. These gain might not only affect you, it could affect your friends or family to. But in a good way! By accomplishing a task or completing a goal, it might make others around you to strive for the same thing and work harder and get where you are. Another way is to be with somebody while you’re trying to meet your goals, such as a family member to push you and make sure you don’t  give up on yourself. After your partner sees your result, they will want to be the same. It’s like a long chain that never ends.
Everybody experiences the pain and the gain throughout their life. It natural. After you go through the pain you get to the gain. It all one big cycle. It just takes some time to find the gain in the situation. You may have to go through some stressful things, things you don’t think you can handle. People saying you can’t do it or non believers. You just have to show them. Prove them wrong and gain strength through the pain.


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