Scripture Readings

Luke 14:25-33 Jesus wants his disciples to follow him and make a tower with him. This repents us working with the school to get the renovations done. We work with the people of the school by moving chairs and clearing tables and ect. When the renovations are done it will be a big upgrade and it will be a big relief for everyone.


Proverbs 19:23 -The fear of the Lord is present and fear of the Lord means to be in wonder and awe in Gods
Job 1:13-22 Job was in wonder and awe in why God took away things that were going well for him. Job was now fearful of the Lord and begged him on his knees.

Exodus 3:4-6  Moses was called by God and was on the holy ground. So thy removed sandles has walked towards God in awe and couldn’t look at the Lord.

Luke 5:12-14 The ill was asking for Gods cleansing then bowed in front of the Lord to clean him of his illness. The  Lord did so and the ill was in wonder and awe of the Lords actions.

Corinthians 13:13 Love is a very important part of your life and with out it you will drift away from God. Love can help you threw a lot of troubles Love is part of all the gifts of the holy spirit and with out it no gift is complete.



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