Crystal was here

I felt very proud of myself when my hockey team overcame a 3-1 even though I didn’t make a huge outcome in the game I was proud because I did the little things right and that can make a huge outcome in the game. One thing I do well is baseball and I think we are going to provincials and I think I will be a big part of the team. Baseball is one of my favorite sports and I hope we do go to provincials. The one and probably only thing unfortunately that others say about me positive is that i’m funny and that can sometimes get out of hand we i’m trying to be the funny guy and it kinda sucks. I feel that i’m proud that I shovel the sidewalk and sometimes I get rewarded for it and it does make me feel proud. I love that I am funny and can joke around with my friends and family but I think I need to learn that there is a line and it shouldn’t be crossed.

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