Crystal was here December 9th

When Crystal was here we talked about paying attention to our surroundings and how many passes the people in the video could do. She showed use 2 videos that proved our attention span wasn’t the greatest. So she showed us a video of a team in black passing and a team in white passing and we had to count how many passes the black team did and it was 13. But while we were counting no one noticed that there was a moon walking bear in the back dancing. This shocked me when I watched it again and looked out for the bear. It was almost impossible to get the right amount of passes and notice the bear in the back. The next video was the exact same with a bear in the back but I got the amount of passes right and I could see the moon walking  bear in the back so I thought I was good but then I watched it again I noticed that the curtain color changed as we were going and that shocked me again.  Which I think no one got all 3 of those variables and noticed them and got them right. This showed me that I could work on my attention span and how I pay attention.

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