Knowledge Survey- Kaiden Chase

After taking the Knowledge survey on I discovered that I should look more into other occupations rather than just my “dream jobs.” This knowledge filled survey led me to believe that I should keep looking into other professions and one that really clicks with me. Finding a job can be a hassle but, a career comes with tremendous rewards. When working and finishing a job to the best of my abilities I have a sense of fulfillment (also may come with pay).

My very favorite subject in school is math because of the mind-twisting problems and there is no spelling! Math is included a wide variety of careers like an architect. An architect has always been one of my top picks for an occupation and has always interested me. I hope I can carry my love into high school and carry on to post-secondary to become my favorite occupation, an architect. Architects are responsible for designing all sorts of indoor and outdoor spaces for other people and can be told to design anything from a single room to an entire complex of buildings. They discuss the cost and the design of various buildings that have been commissioned to them. Architects often work with workers in related occupations such as civil engineers, landscape architects etc.


Throughout time architecture has been a big part of Europe’s culture. Germany is a great example of insane architecture that has been looked upon greatly by people from all over the globe. Even the Papal Basilica of St. Peter in the Vatican has a great look and is still is standing in great conditions. Architecture is an amazing occupation that is a general term to describe buildings and other physical structures. This is one occupation that I really desire.


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