Interactions- Kaiden Chase

When we show others that we are phlegmatic, we don’t have the same connection with other homo sapiens as we should. When we as people of this soil are showing pejorative behavior, this leads to a chain reaction of unpleasant people having interactions with other unpleased beings. Anybody and everybody should covet and crave for phenomenal rapports with the people you are closest to. Even though us humans were taught by God to love everyone and have great relationships with all the people of this world, there are going to be people that us homo sapiens have antipathic feelings towards.

Are you in several healthy relationships with all the people around you? If not you should obtain and use your time to gain several healthy relationships. What does a healthy relationship look like? A healthy relationship looks like people exchanging their thoughts and views about our wonderful world. When we do this it allows us to open up to each other and allow for more ideas and thoughts to be exchanged amongst each other.

Relationships are crucial for the human body to expand its knowledge and learning about other beings. When we show this action it is called empathy. Empathy is putting yourself in another beings shoes and making an attempt to feel the emotions that they are experiencing.  When we show empathy for others it will cause a chain reaction and cause tons of happy emotions to come out to one another.

Experiencing and maintaining healthy relationships are important for people to expand their knowledge and worldviews. When allowing healthy relationships to be present it allows for wonderful ideas to be expanded. Empathy can lead to many healthy relationships which then lead to a healthy body and mind which then leads to a healthy world.




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