Qualities of a Friendship

A friendship is a sacred bond between two beings that is a very strong and can’t be broken very easily. When a bond is created it’s a very warm feeling knowing that you can go through tough times knowing that a friend will be waiting to help you through it. A friend is someone who you can talk to about anything and everything. Having friend that can just simply listen is a wonderful gift and everyone should be able to do this for their friend.

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A friend is someone who you can share your amazing life experiences with and is someone you can make memories with. I enjoy all aspects of sports and I would almost need my friend to enjoy sports because it’s such a big part of my life. I don’t need Barry Bonds as a friend, I need someone who enjoys playing catch and working hard at the sport they love.

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I blabber my mouth a lot and if no one else would stop me I probably wouldn’t stop. That’s why I would need a very talkative companion to keep me company. When it’s come to qualities of a friend I would need someone who could listen to me then tell me all about their day or a funny story without being shy or worried that they might sound stupid.

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The qualities of a companion should consist of being funny and goofy. I am a very silly and funny guy and if someone had to listen to me blabber all day I would probably go crazy. That’s why I would need to share a laugh with and make a couple funny memories on the way. Someone who can just sit and laugh with me is someone I would like to be a companion with.

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A friend is someone who is close to you and you enjoy some of the same things. I would like for my companion to be courageous and ready for anything that I down for. I need someone in my life that can add to me but not change my old ways. Having a courageous companion can add to my life because we can do crazy stuff and make a couple funny memories on the way.


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