What does it mean to be human?

Many humans have different wants and outcomes to their life story. For a priest, it might be to devote their entire life to our Lord and savior but, for a businessman, it might be to expand his capital and make more money. What it means to be human is to be fulfilled with your life and to look forward to your future with our Lord. 

What God asks us to do as his disciples is to expand our mind and spread the word of the Lord. When we do this we are exercising our privileges that God has given us.  For God, he has set out a wonderful plan for us and we should always believe that we can achieve greater things the next day.

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The belief that there is only one reason to be a human I believe is absurd. God has each given us different special abilities to use in our own unique way. What if means to be human will differ person to person but, one thing is common between all of us and that has God created us to for great things.

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