My Father is a Simple Man

The premise behind the idea that oranges can be compared to life is full of many truth. “We too will come back
like the orange trees.” My sensing behind this phrase is that we as a species of God have life on earth that will then come to end and then continue in heaven.

Education is the learning of many new things that will hopefully help you become a well-taught being of today’s and tomorrow’s future.  A scholar is someone who specializes in a certain branch of learning and education is the learning of many new things. Being a scholar means you focus on what branch of learning you are taking and you are very educated in that branch.

Greatness can be described many ways by many people with different levels of education. My father may believe his greatness can be described as getting his masters but, for myself, it might be winning league with all my friends. Greatness is what you see yourself being able to achieve and when you do achieve it feeling a sense of pride and honor.

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The narrator has a real sense of pride when talking about his father. This man/woman is very honor and lucky to have the man as his father. As described in the poem this man is ready for anything that jumps at him. He said he would be prepared for death but, he wouldn’t jump in front of a car. He was a provider for the narrator and the narrator had to describe that through a beautifully written poem.


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