After Chapter 5: “Quotable Quote”

After reviewing “Beast from the Water” from “Lord of the Flies” I have realized there are many great quotes and topics I could share with you today. I have found a quote that I believe will take my mind into the deep waters and allow my brain to expand and analyze the world around me today. “The thing is – fear can’t hurt you any more than a dream.”What Golding is trying to get at here is that the littluns are over thinking their dreams and thoughts and not separating them from the reality in front of them.

What does this quote represent?

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As mortals, we must not listen to people who urge us to think like mortals but instead we should push our selves to think outside the box and immortalize ourselves. The quote I present to you today represents many things to me and I wanna share my thoughts with you. Many younger children and infants don’t know how to separate their dreams from reality and this leads to the littluns to become lost at the beach and falling into the ocean and unfortunately not being able to swim which leads to them all drowning and dying. Do you think the littluns of today are just as incapable of everyday things as the littluns of this novel? I believe they both would be very incapable of lot’s of everyday things and maybe some littluns believe they are grown up because in their dreams they experience grown up things but are not capable of doing them in reality.

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Today, children of this world aren’t forced to think for themselves but instead use the technology in front of them to do the thinking for them. I believe this is a huge flaw in today’s society and allows not only children but all ages to cheat their intellectual growth. Teeners of today believe technology is their entire life and understand what it would be like without technology and this can lead to technology being abused and not used correctly or at the right time.


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This book presented in front of me today has really pushed my soul and brain into the deep waters by analyzing every single little detail and comparing it to today’s world and specifically the quote I present to you today really causes my brain and thoughts to expand to new heights and allows me to correlate several things happening in today’s world to things that did and would be happening during the time period of the book. The quote represents the people of today being afraid of their dreams and not chasing them. This can lead to a mediocre lifestyle and a very dull presence of life. When we allow our brains and bodies to expand and began a new journey it allows for a greater connection to God and to the rest of your fellow homo sapiens. So as humans we need to expand our minds by reading a book and putting away the gadgets and just enjoying what we have been given by our Lord and savior.

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