My Interests

My interest type is Activist, this means that I like doing things by using actions and taking the risk to help others even in challenging events. This type includes two different categories which are social and realistic.

Social, this type means that people like to socialize with others weather it be through just talking or teaching or serving others.  Many people with this type would most likely have the job of a teacher, doctor, nurse or a therapist. I can see myself being this type because when I grow up I want to become a teacher and have the opportunity to meet and teacher other kids and show them things similar to what I learned or did in school.

The other type of Activist interests is Realistic. Realistic is more of the things you enjoy doing and about what you like about the things that surround you in life.  This type many included what type of animals or food or sports you enjoy. This also means you like focusing on different things maybe like gardening or colouring or using other things to rebuild or create things. I can also see myself being this type because I enjoy physically doing things and using what i have to turn it into other things.

These are some of my interests,

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