My Knowledge Type

The kind of knowledge type I am is Physical Education and Language Arts. This means that I tend to like doing physical things such as sports or gym class at school or just doing things that tend to have an affect on my body. This type also means that i tend to like the subject language arts which is reading, writing and different types of wording and soundings.

In Physical Education people tend to focus on understanding and having a healthy and active life style. This can be done by exercising like going for a walk, running, sports and also by eating healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables. People also may be interested in learning how the body works.

In Language Arts this is where you can learn to read and write. You can learn how to right stories and how to fix them to make it better, and you can also work on your reading and becoming a more advanced reader. In language arts you can also learn new words and how to pronounce them as well as  different words to  enhance your writing.

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