The Motivation type I am is Achievement. This Type likes to try their best in things and achieve goals and jobs.  There are a few different categories that fit into Achievement, like Independence, and just achieving in general. When you have this type of motivation you also have two motivation factors that go along with it which include, Relationships and Recognition.

Independence – This means that people like myself like to do certain things on their own. They do not like others opinions or decisions affect them. I am Independent because I like to work and figure things out on my own. I have a better time focusing and getting things down when I don’t have others around me.

Achieving – This means that I like to accomplish things through effort and hard work. I use skills, knowledge and my own abilities to create the feeling and motivation of Achievement.  I am this type because when I try my best and achieve something I am happy about is and it makes me proud that I have down somethings.

To Achieve this motivation factor I can do it through relationships. This can be done by talking to someone weather its a family member or classmate that will be willing to listen to what I have accomplished. I can also Achieve this motivation through Recognition, This means that I want to and feel like I need recognition for accomplishments that I may have Achieved. I want opportunities that will maybe lead to promotions and lead others.

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