Happy Camper

  1. Today teens are facing problems, some problems may be serious and some may be less serious. Some problems teens may be facing are trouble with school, friends or even thoughts they may have on certain things. At school bullying can be a problem for some teens, whether it’s someone talking about you behind your back or physically hurting you this is one of the main problems teens are facing today. In your teenage years, you also are going through changes in your body which can lead to emotional behavior which may affect some of your friends and relationships with others.

2. By saying “what’s wrong with teens today” is like saying that they are having problems and not acting like they should. Teens should be allowed to have good days and bad days just like everyone else and not get treated like there is always a problem. That statement refers to someone saying that the teens are causing the problems when really they could have a problem that they just aren’t taking in the best way or trying to overcome.

3. I believe that the older you are the better knowledge and education you have. But in some cases that’s not true, yes teens like us now are still in school and have a few more years yet of learning but that doesn’t mean our parents are smarter and know more than us. Some things what we are learning now have changed since our parents time in school and we learn different and new things then what they did. So my thought on this is that in some situations we may know more than our parents but other times they will know more and have a better understanding of things that we don’t and still will learn in the future.

4. Have you ever “ left your campsite better than you found it”?  Sometimes areas that I visit and go to people who have been there before haven’t always picked up their own garbage and cleaned up after themselves. People always tell me I’m kind and I think I am too when I visit some areas I like to take the time to make sure things look good and so that others can enjoy it too. Even if it’s at school or the lake or my community I want to try my best and leave it better then I found it.

5. How many times could I listen to the song “ You light up my life” by Debby Boone? I heard the song once and after that, I didn’t know what to think. It was had some good parts but the singing was pitchy and did sound very good. I would only listen to this song once and never again. It needs some improvements and maybe I would consider listening to it another time.

6. I have lots of friends and family members that believe in me more than myself. My parents believe that I have the potential to achieve high goals but sometimes I feel like I won’t be able to accomplish that many things in life even if they are hard. Lots of people I know think that I am smart and will get good grades but I feel like I just need more practice and time to think things through.

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