Who Am I

Every person on this Earth has different characteristics and personalities. A characteristic is something that defines you like your strengths, weaknesses, and things you enjoy. Your Characteristics also can include the things you like about yourself and what kind of person you feel you are. I think about myself lots and also how I can become a better person. I have many strengths and weaknesses, I also enjoy sports and I have thoughts and ideas of my future and what I want to do and how I can improve in things.


When it comes to characteristics you often think about all the strengths and weaknesses you have. The strengths I have are my abilities of problem-solving and having a positive attitude. I am good at solving math questions, helping my younger siblings with their homework and leading my other classmates. I also try and keep a positive attitude even when I am not having the best moments. Although I have strengths I also have weaknesses. Some of my weaknesses Include my ability to make decisions. When I have friends over or just family I have trouble thinking of what to do, what to eat or where to go, I never want to be the one to make that decision and I pretty easy going that I’ll do whatever the others want to do.


Strengths and weaknesses can be a big factor about your characteristics but you can also think of the things you enjoy to describe yourself. I enjoy many things but one of my favorite things is hockey. I have been playing hockey for many years and I enjoy spending time with teammates, skating and improving my skills. I try to improve my hockey skills during practices, games and even attending camps. I know I can’t be the best player but I still work hard and believe I can be a good player.


I often think about the present and how I can improve things now but sometimes I also look into the future. I like to take time and think about what I want to do after I finish high school and go to college or university. When planning the future I also think about where I want to live, What I want to do and about the kind of family I want. When I finish school I would like to go to university and become a teacher. I hope to find a nice school to teach at, live on a farm and raise kids of my own. To achieve this I can improve on my education marks, hockey skills, life skills like cook and learn how I can live on my own and also my attitude and how to treat myself and others in a better way.


Overall it takes a lot of thought and courage to find your characteristics and who you are as a person. I think that thinking about your strengths, weaknesses, things your good at and future plans can help you define who you are. I know by thinking about these things has helped me and let me focus of how I can improve.

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