Leaving Home

When the time comes for me to move out and go further away from my family and friends you will have lots of new thoughts and considerations. After moving away there will be lots of new opportunities, perspectives and a rise in our independent abilities. One of the greatest factors about leaving home is the growing of fears. I personally have many fears that are going to come crawling out as soon as I step foot into my own life. Some of these fears include, not knowing how to function on my own such as making meals, controlling money and keeping organized, these things are just personal everyday situations but on top of that there will also be the stress of keeping track of classes, maintaining good grades and getting where I need to be at the right time. Most everyone depends on their parents for these things but once they are gone this all becomes one big change. The biggest struggle I feel that I will have is making new friends. I tend to be a really shy person and putting myself out into the world and before others is just not my cup of tea. I also like things to stay the same and change occurring irritates me, I will have to adapt and learn how to overcome change better in order to succeed on my own. Although I am already getting really nervous and fearing the future I am also excited about some parts. I am excited about getting a space of my own, seeing new sights and being provided with a handful of new opportunities. One thing I would like to do on my own is find ways to keep me occupied and thinking less of the fears. These things will include finding a small job, or finding a club that has to do with my passions, like hockey, I want to find a team to play on or help coach. Another thing I can’t wait for is creating my own space. This will included finding my own decorations and organization ways and being able to invite my friends over and have a place to interact. Lastly I am interested in seeing how the world is all put together and how my life will continue after I finish getting an education and start preparing for the extended future. Leaving home can be an exciting but scary time. Each individual will have their own factors that contribute to happiness and challenges which is what makes up everyones own life.

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