Father Mike Schmitz – How to Get Real Friends

In the video “How to Get Real Friends” by Father Mike Schmitz demonstrates what we as humans must act like and consider when looking in the friend market. Schmitz claims that sometimes we tend to get the thoughts or feelings of loneliness or abandonment. We put these thoughts in our mind and forget the most important thing in our lives, God. It is believed that We always have God and he doesn’t want us to be alone, so thats why he’s here. So even when we feel loneliness, we need to remember that we actually are not alone because God is there no matter what. Another point Schmitz makes is that the key to getting friends is to have Availability and Vulnerability. These mean that in order to make friends or keep them, we need to make sure we always have time for them, this can be by giving up something we like and doing something they like, an example would be, instead of always playing hockey, I could go to an art gallery or an activity of that specific persons choice. Even though making time or yourself available for a friend you also need to be vulnerable.  Vulnerability means being there for them, either when they are feeling sad or need someone to talk to, you must offer your time to be there with them. An example of this would be, my friend losing a loved one and me taking time off to sit with them and comfort them. I agree with Schmitz that in order to secure a friendship you must consider availability and vulnerability. Lastly, real friends have a bond of trust and you must earn this trust. Earning trust requirers honesty, truth and commitment. After preforming these expressions a trust bond will be tied. Most people only trust those they feel comfortable with. An example would be how I trust my friend Grace and she trusts me because we are honest with each other and are able to admit the truth but also commit to tasks we claim to do with or for each other. When trying to make new friends or keep old ones it is important to remember that no matter what we will always have god, we need to consider the key aspects of availability and vulnerability but also establish a for or trust.


Father Mike Schmitz – “The Real Reason to Why God Allows Suffering”

In the video “The Real Reason to Why God Allows Suffering” Mike Schmitz explains how in the world there is two sides, good and evil, he also demostrates how God allows us to have freedom and the right to choose. Evil is an action that is thought of as bad.  It is said that in the world there is two types of evil, Moral which includes human actions and Physical which includes death. These two types relate to how God and us humans are able to present the idea of evil. When something bad happens to us we often go straight to the thought that God means for these things to happen, this thought gives us the question of “why does God do this to me?” or ” why doesn’t God make bad things not happen to us?” Most all of the “evil actions” that occur to us gives us the feeling of suffering. We all deal with suffering in different ways. Suffering is seen as a negitive thing but it actually can benefit us. Suffering benefits us only making us stronger by allowing us to push through the situation and turn to someone who cares, like God. The only reason of why we do face suffering is because God uses it as a learning point in our lives. Schmits claims that “God allows things to be broken, so we can be free.” This statement connects to the idea of life lessons and suffering by again allowing us to get through things that don’t go our ways so we can still have the lives we deserve. An example would include having a loved one die but allowing us to deal with the lose in grief , this also giving us a clearer mind without having to worry about that one person.  So to answer the question to “Why does God allow suffering” is simply said to be, because God uses it to give us freedom and give us a meaning in life. I agree with these ideas disscused by Schmitz. I feel they are really important in the development of our lives. One of my favourite qoutes is “Our suffering has a meaning and it proves we are alive.” This qoute to me means that when we suffer it provides the visualizaton of being alive and allowing us to keep going.

The points dissuced is the concept relating to “The Real Reason Why Good Allows Suffering” can also connect to other topics of “Believing in a God who allows evil” and decsribing what it means to fear in our lives, also disscussed my Father Mike Schmitz.