Father Mike Schmitz – Do All Good People go to Heaven

In the video ” Do all good people go to heaven” by Mike Schmitz it explains the concept of how we get to heaven and how it is decided of who is allowed to go. One statement he talks about is Jesus once said ” wied is the road that leads to distruction and narrows the gates of enternal life” this means that we as humans define the road that leads us to good or bad and this road is what allows us to enter heaven or not. We have to make choices in life and these reflect who we are as a person. An example of this would be me choosing to tell the truth to my parents, by doing this the chances I have to go to heaven will expand since I did something good. Even though we need to do good things we can also create distruction by forgetting whats most important or making the wrong decsions, this automatically doesn’t make us a bad person it just creates a small spark of distruction in our life. Another factor Schmitz explains is that we all have God and God has us. It is said that the Lord wants us to be saved and he wants us to continue to be with him in heaven. One things that we know forsure is that we are connected to God. We are conected through out beliefs in him, how we treat him and our loyalty to stay committed. An example of this would be a person who goes to church on a regular basis and always spreads the world of God. Lastly Schmitz mentions that in order secure a spot in heaven we must follow the four points. These points include baptisum, eucharist, professing faith and doing Gods will. All these points relate to us by giving us a chance to become closer to God. By practicing these points we also won’t automatically be accepted to heaven, thats Gods choice but it will make us realize what we need to continue putting forth in order to complete the goal of getting to heaven. Schmitz uses these factors to help you understand the concepts of heaven and your after life. I agree with Schmitz and feel it is important to find the good in yourself and practice Gods faith in order to have a external never ending life.

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