Father Mike Schmitz – Do All Good People go to Heaven

In the video ” Do all good people go to heaven” by Mike Schmitz it explains the concept of how we get to heaven and how it is decided of who is allowed to go. One statement he talks about is Jesus once said ” wied is the road that leads to distruction and narrows the gates of enternal life” this means that we as humans define the road that leads us to good or bad and this road is what allows us to enter heaven or not. We have to make choices in life and these reflect who we are as a person. An example of this would be me choosing to tell the truth to my parents, by doing this the chances I have to go to heaven will expand since I did something good. Even though we need to do good things we can also create distruction by forgetting whats most important or making the wrong decsions, this automatically doesn’t make us a bad person it just creates a small spark of distruction in our life. Another factor Schmitz explains is that we all have God and God has us. It is said that the Lord wants us to be saved and he wants us to continue to be with him in heaven. One things that we know forsure is that we are connected to God. We are conected through out beliefs in him, how we treat him and our loyalty to stay committed. An example of this would be a person who goes to church on a regular basis and always spreads the world of God. Lastly Schmitz mentions that in order secure a spot in heaven we must follow the four points. These points include baptisum, eucharist, professing faith and doing Gods will. All these points relate to us by giving us a chance to become closer to God. By practicing these points we also won’t automatically be accepted to heaven, thats Gods choice but it will make us realize what we need to continue putting forth in order to complete the goal of getting to heaven. Schmitz uses these factors to help you understand the concepts of heaven and your after life. I agree with Schmitz and feel it is important to find the good in yourself and practice Gods faith in order to have a external never ending life.

Father Mike Schmitz – How to Get Real Friends

In the video “How to Get Real Friends” by Father Mike Schmitz demonstrates what we as humans must act like and consider when looking in the friend market. Schmitz claims that sometimes we tend to get the thoughts or feelings of loneliness or abandonment. We put these thoughts in our mind and forget the most important thing in our lives, God. It is believed that We always have God and he doesn’t want us to be alone, so thats why he’s here. So even when we feel loneliness, we need to remember that we actually are not alone because God is there no matter what. Another point Schmitz makes is that the key to getting friends is to have Availability and Vulnerability. These mean that in order to make friends or keep them, we need to make sure we always have time for them, this can be by giving up something we like and doing something they like, an example would be, instead of always playing hockey, I could go to an art gallery or an activity of that specific persons choice. Even though making time or yourself available for a friend you also need to be vulnerable.  Vulnerability means being there for them, either when they are feeling sad or need someone to talk to, you must offer your time to be there with them. An example of this would be, my friend losing a loved one and me taking time off to sit with them and comfort them. I agree with Schmitz that in order to secure a friendship you must consider availability and vulnerability. Lastly, real friends have a bond of trust and you must earn this trust. Earning trust requirers honesty, truth and commitment. After preforming these expressions a trust bond will be tied. Most people only trust those they feel comfortable with. An example would be how I trust my friend Grace and she trusts me because we are honest with each other and are able to admit the truth but also commit to tasks we claim to do with or for each other. When trying to make new friends or keep old ones it is important to remember that no matter what we will always have god, we need to consider the key aspects of availability and vulnerability but also establish a for or trust.


Father Mike Schmitz – “The Real Reason to Why God Allows Suffering”

In the video “The Real Reason to Why God Allows Suffering” Mike Schmitz explains how in the world there is two sides, good and evil, he also demostrates how God allows us to have freedom and the right to choose. Evil is an action that is thought of as bad.  It is said that in the world there is two types of evil, Moral which includes human actions and Physical which includes death. These two types relate to how God and us humans are able to present the idea of evil. When something bad happens to us we often go straight to the thought that God means for these things to happen, this thought gives us the question of “why does God do this to me?” or ” why doesn’t God make bad things not happen to us?” Most all of the “evil actions” that occur to us gives us the feeling of suffering. We all deal with suffering in different ways. Suffering is seen as a negitive thing but it actually can benefit us. Suffering benefits us only making us stronger by allowing us to push through the situation and turn to someone who cares, like God. The only reason of why we do face suffering is because God uses it as a learning point in our lives. Schmits claims that “God allows things to be broken, so we can be free.” This statement connects to the idea of life lessons and suffering by again allowing us to get through things that don’t go our ways so we can still have the lives we deserve. An example would include having a loved one die but allowing us to deal with the lose in grief , this also giving us a clearer mind without having to worry about that one person.  So to answer the question to “Why does God allow suffering” is simply said to be, because God uses it to give us freedom and give us a meaning in life. I agree with these ideas disscused by Schmitz. I feel they are really important in the development of our lives. One of my favourite qoutes is “Our suffering has a meaning and it proves we are alive.” This qoute to me means that when we suffer it provides the visualizaton of being alive and allowing us to keep going.

The points dissuced is the concept relating to “The Real Reason Why Good Allows Suffering” can also connect to other topics of “Believing in a God who allows evil” and decsribing what it means to fear in our lives, also disscussed my Father Mike Schmitz.

Leaving Home

When the time comes for me to move out and go further away from my family and friends you will have lots of new thoughts and considerations. After moving away there will be lots of new opportunities, perspectives and a rise in our independent abilities. One of the greatest factors about leaving home is the growing of fears. I personally have many fears that are going to come crawling out as soon as I step foot into my own life. Some of these fears include, not knowing how to function on my own such as making meals, controlling money and keeping organized, these things are just personal everyday situations but on top of that there will also be the stress of keeping track of classes, maintaining good grades and getting where I need to be at the right time. Most everyone depends on their parents for these things but once they are gone this all becomes one big change. The biggest struggle I feel that I will have is making new friends. I tend to be a really shy person and putting myself out into the world and before others is just not my cup of tea. I also like things to stay the same and change occurring irritates me, I will have to adapt and learn how to overcome change better in order to succeed on my own. Although I am already getting really nervous and fearing the future I am also excited about some parts. I am excited about getting a space of my own, seeing new sights and being provided with a handful of new opportunities. One thing I would like to do on my own is find ways to keep me occupied and thinking less of the fears. These things will include finding a small job, or finding a club that has to do with my passions, like hockey, I want to find a team to play on or help coach. Another thing I can’t wait for is creating my own space. This will included finding my own decorations and organization ways and being able to invite my friends over and have a place to interact. Lastly I am interested in seeing how the world is all put together and how my life will continue after I finish getting an education and start preparing for the extended future. Leaving home can be an exciting but scary time. Each individual will have their own factors that contribute to happiness and challenges which is what makes up everyones own life.

The Alexander Rutherford Award

The Alexander Rutherford Award is a scholarship given to a senior high school student who is recognized for an academic achievement in high school. This scholarship helps to encourage the student to push themselves further and pursue a post secondary career. The Award was honoured after Alexander Rutherford who had the distinction of being Alberta’s first Premier and Minister of Education. In order to receive this award you must meet a certain criteria such as, completing high school, having minimum combined average based on five courses and be enrolled in courses in a designated post secondary or an apprenticeship program. An additional criteria for this scholarship is that you can combine marks from grades 10, 11 and 12 but, they all must be from the same level. The award is a money amount that is valued up to $2500 that is put towards the students tuition for post secondary schooling.

My Hobbies

There are  many different hobbies I’m interested in. Some of these include playing hockey, baking and spending time with friends and family.

Hockey is an enjoyable sport. Many of my friends also enjoy it. This sport involves skating, team work and a lot of knowledge. I love this sport because it gets people involved with others from around the provinces, provides an opportunity to try something new and also helps strengthen hand eye coordination and the ability to work with others. I believe I am very good at this sport, I even got fastest skater in Alberta Midget Female Hockey League for the past few years. I always try my best to succeed at beat my personal bests in this activity. Hockey is a hobby that I really love watching and playing.

My second top hobby that I take part in is baking. Baking acquirers the skills of reading and patience. This activity helps to learn the importance of following instructions and exact measurements in order to create success. I love baking because it gives me something to do, tastes good and allows me to learn life skills. Baking can be done independently, but I always like including others makes it more fun. This hobby can also be used as a form of relaxation. By watching the ingredients be combined and grow together is satisfying and helps relax ones mind. I like trying new recipes and learning how to create new things.

Lastly, the most important hobby is spending time with friends and family. Weather you see them everyday, once a week or even only a few times a year it is still important to spend time with those you love. Spend time with friends and family to me is very special because I know that everyone is not going to be around forever and the same their whole life. I like to spend time with family by enjoying everyones company at events such as Christmas, Easter or other celebrations. Even though some live closer to me than others I enjoy spending equal time talking and catching up with everybody. As for friends I like to spend time with them by doing activities we both enjoys such as sports, school projects, going for lunch or treats and even just laying around and talking. All these small factors that allow us to connect to one another are important and contribute to our lives in physical, emotional and spiritual ways. My advice is that for every moment you get to be around someone you love, cherish it and treat it like its your last moment.

The three hobbies discussed above are the most important to me because they bring me closer to others, teach me new things and give me chances to create memories.

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Who Am I

Every person on this Earth has different characteristics and personalities. A characteristic is something that defines you like your strengths, weaknesses, and things you enjoy. Your Characteristics also can include the things you like about yourself and what kind of person you feel you are. I think about myself lots and also how I can become a better person. I have many strengths and weaknesses, I also enjoy sports and I have thoughts and ideas of my future and what I want to do and how I can improve in things.


When it comes to characteristics you often think about all the strengths and weaknesses you have. The strengths I have are my abilities of problem-solving and having a positive attitude. I am good at solving math questions, helping my younger siblings with their homework and leading my other classmates. I also try and keep a positive attitude even when I am not having the best moments. Although I have strengths I also have weaknesses. Some of my weaknesses Include my ability to make decisions. When I have friends over or just family I have trouble thinking of what to do, what to eat or where to go, I never want to be the one to make that decision and I pretty easy going that I’ll do whatever the others want to do.


Strengths and weaknesses can be a big factor about your characteristics but you can also think of the things you enjoy to describe yourself. I enjoy many things but one of my favorite things is hockey. I have been playing hockey for many years and I enjoy spending time with teammates, skating and improving my skills. I try to improve my hockey skills during practices, games and even attending camps. I know I can’t be the best player but I still work hard and believe I can be a good player.


I often think about the present and how I can improve things now but sometimes I also look into the future. I like to take time and think about what I want to do after I finish high school and go to college or university. When planning the future I also think about where I want to live, What I want to do and about the kind of family I want. When I finish school I would like to go to university and become a teacher. I hope to find a nice school to teach at, live on a farm and raise kids of my own. To achieve this I can improve on my education marks, hockey skills, life skills like cook and learn how I can live on my own and also my attitude and how to treat myself and others in a better way.


Overall it takes a lot of thought and courage to find your characteristics and who you are as a person. I think that thinking about your strengths, weaknesses, things your good at and future plans can help you define who you are. I know by thinking about these things has helped me and let me focus of how I can improve.

Happy Camper

  1. Today teens are facing problems, some problems may be serious and some may be less serious. Some problems teens may be facing are trouble with school, friends or even thoughts they may have on certain things. At school bullying can be a problem for some teens, whether it’s someone talking about you behind your back or physically hurting you this is one of the main problems teens are facing today. In your teenage years, you also are going through changes in your body which can lead to emotional behavior which may affect some of your friends and relationships with others.

2. By saying “what’s wrong with teens today” is like saying that they are having problems and not acting like they should. Teens should be allowed to have good days and bad days just like everyone else and not get treated like there is always a problem. That statement refers to someone saying that the teens are causing the problems when really they could have a problem that they just aren’t taking in the best way or trying to overcome.

3. I believe that the older you are the better knowledge and education you have. But in some cases that’s not true, yes teens like us now are still in school and have a few more years yet of learning but that doesn’t mean our parents are smarter and know more than us. Some things what we are learning now have changed since our parents time in school and we learn different and new things then what they did. So my thought on this is that in some situations we may know more than our parents but other times they will know more and have a better understanding of things that we don’t and still will learn in the future.

4. Have you ever “ left your campsite better than you found it”?  Sometimes areas that I visit and go to people who have been there before haven’t always picked up their own garbage and cleaned up after themselves. People always tell me I’m kind and I think I am too when I visit some areas I like to take the time to make sure things look good and so that others can enjoy it too. Even if it’s at school or the lake or my community I want to try my best and leave it better then I found it.

5. How many times could I listen to the song “ You light up my life” by Debby Boone? I heard the song once and after that, I didn’t know what to think. It was had some good parts but the singing was pitchy and did sound very good. I would only listen to this song once and never again. It needs some improvements and maybe I would consider listening to it another time.

6. I have lots of friends and family members that believe in me more than myself. My parents believe that I have the potential to achieve high goals but sometimes I feel like I won’t be able to accomplish that many things in life even if they are hard. Lots of people I know think that I am smart and will get good grades but I feel like I just need more practice and time to think things through.

My life goals Menu

These are goals that I would like to achieve before I reach a certain age. I can read through the list just like I would read through a menu and decide what I want to achieve next and how I am going to achieve it.

Multiple “Signs” of Intelligence in the Bible

Set C: Kenna

What happens right before God’s presences fills the temple?

Levitical singers, Asaph, Heman, Jeduthun, and their sons along with cymbals, harps, and lyres stood at the altar surrounded by one hundred and twenty priests. They played and sang in praise and thanksgiving to the Lord. The house of the lord was also filled with a cloud before God’s presences.

Who calms Saul and how?

David calms Saul. David does this by playing the lyre with his hand which would make Saul feel relieved. When Saul feels relieved and calm the evil spirit will depart and leave him.


Set G: Kenna

Who does Paul talk about as he tries to explain law and grace?

When Paul tries to explain the law of grace, he talks about himself and how he feels about his life and the law. Paul gives examples about things that may have happened in his life and explains his feelings and knowledge. He said life is full of sin and evil and that the law helped him to be a better person Paul thinks the law is good because it can try and help people with sin

What does Paul say helped reveal the power and the Spirit?

Paul says that the weakness and fear he was in pulled him toward the faith and helped him to reveal the power and spirit because all this pain pushed him to reveal the the power. He was hurt and in pain and on the side of the rode but than all this pain and bad stuff actually helped in the long run.


Paul understands that in his power the weakness that God has given him is visible.


Which of the intelligences is Paul using in these passages to help people understand God.

Paul uses the law of God and the Bible, along with other intelligences such as personal experiences, knowledge,  Powers and weaknesses to help himself and others understand the meaning of God.