The Good Old Times!

When I was little my grandma would teach me how to cook pancakes every morning. It is good to have memories because they help you to remember who took care of you, taught you to cook and more. Now that I’m grown we still do things together. It’s like redoing the old memories but just in a different style. Memories are there for a reason – for lessons and what you will do next time. The good memories are good for the fun times you have in life and just having a good time. The bad memories help you learn not to do it again and help you make the right choices next time. For an example I broke my grandma’s picture of her parents by accident. Now I try to be careful with picture frames.


A Time to Try New Things

The teenage years are made to try new things. During these years we can join sport teams like badminton, basketball, volleyball and soccer.  Some of us will keep playing these sports as adults, but some of us will find other hobbies. Schools can give opportunities like workshop, home ec and sewing , music  and art, etc. Other hobbies you can do are skateboarding, biking, running and more. A lot of teens use social media – Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Kik are just a few popular ones. A person should try as many new things as they can because maybe you  like some and will join a group. When you try new thing it can help you grow to become a cooler person.

A Chain Smoking Groupee

A band that I am really into is the Chainsmokers. They released their first song “#Selfie” in 2014.But I did not know about them until “Roses” came out in 2015. There are two band members Alex Pall was born on May 16, 1985, and Andrew Taggart born on December 31, 1989. The Chainsmokers also have some girls do duets with them for their music. I just love when they have duets with other people because its make them their sound bigger and stronger. They do swear in their some of their songs but some they don’t. I think their music is awesome! One day I would like to go to one of their concerts. A huge fan favorite album is “Memories Don’t Open”. The songs on that album talk memories of what others and possibly us go through in this world. For example, “things were sweet three months ago, When I was living how I wanna on my own” from their song Bloodstream is about a guy that remembers how his life used to be and wishes he could go back to that time. Everyone has regrets and wish we can relive that time to make different choices. One thing that I don’t regret is liking this band even though not everyone thinks they are cool.  Their songs make me feel hopeful.                           


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