The Collage Of Who I Am


Who am I? One of the most confounding questions the human race has asked themselves. What makes us us is a question we all try to tackle now and then. I try to tackle this now as I try to explain what I’m all about. This answer will change and warp over time, but the time is now to start this bedlam of facts about me. Some of these facts include my hopes and dreams, values, interests and hobbies, personal qualities, transferable skills, and my future career choices. My hopes and dreams include having happiness and success coexist, get a job, find out what I want to do after high school qualify for what I want to do for school, find out what school I want to go to, and to travel the world. Some of the things I value are honesty, trust, hard work, dedication, intelligence and learning. Reading, cadets, and the arts such as drawing, singing, writing, and much more are some of my interest and hobbies. My personal qualities are that I am adaptive, cautious, committed, creative, disciplined, and loyal. Transferable skills are skills and habits you can take from one situation to another, for me those skills are identifying problems, deriving concept and Ideas from others ideas, willing to try new things, moderate writing skills, good listener, courteous and respectful, learns from others, meets deadlines, and willing to share credits with others. For career choices I have many, they are criminal sciences, lawyer, psychology, psychiatry, and police force. These little facts about me only make up so little of me, but these are the questions I was posed with to answer for my assignment, that’s all folks.

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