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I Didn’t Start Yet……..

We all have procrastinated about something important that we had to do, sometimes disappointing other people and often disappointing ourselves. Why do we procrastinate? We procrastinate with many different aspects of our lives, homework, chores, waking up, and others. Why do we procrastinate though? We procrastinate to remain comfortable in not doing the tasks at hand. However, wouldn’t we be more comfortable having the task already done, avoiding stress and pressure to get the task at hand done? ‘Out of […]

It’s Tradition

One definition of tradition is the ‘transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation’. The traditions in the short stories Millstone for the Sun’s Day, by Rudy Wiebe, and The Lottery, by Shirley Jackson, depict traditions that have authority over the communities in these stories. In these stories, they do not depict traditions, such as hanging stockings and baking cookies, but more sinister and cult related, sacrifices put in place to benefit the communities. The characters in the stories […]

Proven Guilty?

  Humans desire a life where we are guided because they fear the unknown. They want others to guide them, help them choose their paths, but they want independence and choice as well. Easily they fool themselves into thinking they can make the right choice in the face of peril, but deep in the strange structure of the mind, they crave the steady weight of a guiding hand. These guiding hands come, and have came in varying forms; some as […]

Get Philosophical!

This video talks about how robots get more human like. Turing thought that if computers can blend into a human conversation that measures how intelligent the computer is. During the first chapter in Sophies World, Joanna, Sophies friend, says humans are like computers. Are humans like computers though? The Turing test is on its way to prove that computers are or are not like humans. So far most of the tests have proven that computers are not. Computers seem to […]

The Collage Of Who I Am

                        Who am I? One of the most confounding questions the human race has asked themselves. What makes us us is a question we all try to tackle now and then. I try to tackle this now as I try to explain what I’m all about. This answer will change and warp over time, but the time is now to start this bedlam of facts about me. Some of […]

That One Word

  The classroom was reasonably quiet, for our class anyways. It seemed it was always the boys who ran their mouth off about some topic, any topic really, but today they had quieted down. Not that I was the perfect student, I was doodling in my scribbler. The drawing was of a penny with splashes of water around it, like the penny fell into a fountain or well. Then I heard the word, and my heart became like wrathful sea […]

Twitter Essay: Environment and Technology

Most of us born in the twenty-first century have been surrounded by technology for as long as we remember. These technologies have been increasing and improving all our lives, but have we ever thought of how it affects us and others? All of the electronics we have, have been changing our lives for the better and for the worse. What we have never thought of was our future, and the future generation and how the production of technology will affect […]

Used Shirts

There are lots of shirts of many colors, sold in stores all over the world. The shirts in those stores aren’t like me though. Every person has a shirt, one for school, work, play and going out for supper with your mom. We are manufactured and put in a vehicle and shipped from home, going to some strange land to be sold. Sold for the profit of others, and once we’re all used up, put into another’s hand. I am […]

Roads of Fort McMurray

From voluntary to mandatory in ten minutes Rushing to pick up kids Forced from our home And one of hundreds Who need to get out. Black smoke Dramatic, Fiery lapses People fleeing and we need to move again. Parts of the city like a warzone Those fighting fires Working to control The wild fire.    

Snakes, Horses, And Dolls

My twin sister was a few minutes older than me, so that made sure we were always together, whether it was at a friends house or at school. That small amount of time between our births was power to her though, so she used me as her doll and play thing. Both of us had one interest though, we both loved horses. I have to say it was our mother who started this interest as she read us Black Beauty […]

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