Sunrise on the Veld Figures of Speech

Paradox is a seemingly absurd or self contradictory statement. A complicated paradox is used in the story when it talks about being asleep but also being vigilant. there is always a part of  us that is vigilant when we are asleep.

Personification is used when “the bush stood trembling on the verge of color, waiting for the sun to paint the earth and grass afresh”. This line has two examples of personification including “the bush stood” and “waiting for the sun to paint”. In this situation I think the bush is like me because we wait for the sun to color the earth so we can start our day.

A Metaphor occurs when water is said to be diamonds. The comparison between the two I think is saying that in the African veld water is considered to be a luxury. It is valuable because there is less of it in that area.

Simile is mentioned in the story that says “he felt the years of is his life with his hands as if he were counting marbles”. This simile is a comparison between each year of his life and marbles. Every time a year in your life is finished you gain a new marble.

An Alliteration is used when the boy “smiled scornfully” at the thought of outsmarting his parents. He was able control the dogs to not make a noise until they reach the one hundred yard mark


Sunrise on the Veld Word Craft

Stoicism is the ability to express no emotion even in times of pain or hardship. In this story it is used when the boy watches the buck being eaten by the ants in the context of “suffering, sick and angry, but also grimly satisfied with is new stoicism”. Because he was so disturbed by what was happening to the buck he might have forgot or couldn’t put any emotion on his face, like he had a mask on. I believe the reason he was so disturbed is because he realized just how quickly things can change and go wrong without any control of it, though he thought he controlled everything.  I can relate to this word because I don’t show emotion like the boy even in times of hardship.

Frisking means to skip or leap playfully. In this story it reads “frisking his pretty white tail”. To the he boy it looked like the buck had not a care in the world though in reality he had a broken leg. It relates to me because sometimes I am careless like the boy when he was skipping and leaping playfully not knowing he could fall and break his ankle at any moment. As humans we all carelessly make mistakes like the boy did when he blindly shot into the trees not knowing the buck was hiding around a corner. I think this word has a sense of carelessness that we are not aware of.

Triumph is a great victory or achievement. The boy feels triumph because he is in control. He feels triumph when he wakes up before the alarm clock, when he can run a mile without loss of breath and how he can run on wet, uneven ground without his shoes. In the short story it says “shutting his teeth hard against a violent desire to shout his triumph”. We all take great pride in our victories and enjoy gloating about them. Often we find it hard to excuse the need to declare our achievements, keeping quiet to remain humble through it all. I can relate to this word because I know I am not always humble when I experience a victory.

Eternity means infinite, unending time or endless life after death. A simile is used in this story that includes the word eternity, it says “a vision came to him, as he stood there like when a child hears the word eternity and tries to understand it.” No one can fully understand eternity until they experience it themselves. The belief in a higher power brings light to the thought of life after death. Heaven is a promise of life after death that one can only dream about or create a perfect image of what they want it to be.

Vigilant means to be watchful and alert. The story talks about “remaining vigilant all night and counting the hours as he lay relaxed in sleep”. I think there is some irony in staying vigilant even when we sleep, because we are supposed to be resting but a part of us is always awake. I can relate to this word because I know I have a vigilant part of me that is awake while I am asleep.

First Line Auction Poem

Light faintly passed through the uncrossed border

A sign of hope is revealed

Leaving the bumps behind

Not stopping to look back


The road was long and rough

It twisted and winded through the darkness

There was no possible way to dodge the obstacles

Only a through lane

Ten Minute Spill Poem


My mother’s voice was soft

So quiet you could hear a needle drop

We laid by the small cliff watching the clouds

Licking our strawberry ice cream cones

Mother believed that the clouds tell stories

Whirring around each other, forming shapes

Every time we laid by the cliff they would tell me a new one

This time they taught me looks are often deceiving

I Didn’t Go On The Ski Trip Poem

Poem #1

My soul is scared and yelling for help

Help is something needed to maintain health

Help is the bottomless pit always calling for attention

But often no one hears

Is it just me?

Helping is something that most people lack

Like people’s souls are dark and black

Lifeless until love is shown and color is brought back

People that love are on the right track

They can trust their instincts or their heart

But if they don’t it will tear them apart


Poem #2

She was known as some kind of monstrosity

A different kind than the rest

Dangerous but misunderstood

May feel alone and misunderstood

Feeling discriminated

The true beauty isn’t just looks, it’s found in everyone

Being beautiful on the outside does not count

It is the beauty within that outshines everything else

The beauty inside is a beautiful thing

That will make you feel like a king


An Emotional Landscape Poem

The House That Built Me


Fear consumed me

It was tying me down

Growing relentlessly the scissors cut it

I was leaving


High expectations were all around me

But I continued on my way

It was almost like I left my body

Leaving my heart and soul



Holding onto the thought of someday

Picked me up when I was kicked down

The house that built me

Was setting me free

Five Easy Steps Poem


His hands were bony and small

They were covered in sand

He gathered the soft sand on the Maui Beach

Plowing it onto the mountain he had been working on 


The palm trees in Maui are towers

Casting shadows on the soft sand

I stayed in the shade provided from the palm trees

Avoiding the burning sand


The bright blue water washed up on shore

Sweeping away the boys pile of sand

Cupping his hands over his eyes

A tear ran down his cheek


I walked under the palm trees till I reached the boy

“Do you need help”? I asked

The boy looked up at me through his watery eyes

And stared blankly without an answer


The Terminal Found Poem

His smile started to fade

He was standing amidst a group of late night travellers

Only seeing the blur of the faces around him

In the multicolored sea of humanity he felt alone


The rain lit up like confetti from the city lights

He waited like something was holding him back

Waiting had become exhausting

Looking tired he walked past the gates


He watched people come and go

Families being reunited with their loved ones

A sad look came across his face

A single tear ran down his cheek


Taking a seat he waited

Wondering when he could leave

Someplace new was waiting for him

A place where the pain can’t be felt any longer

Translation Idea to Image Poem



Society is a harsh swirl of chaos

It spins us around till we are dizzy and sick

We wish it would stop just for a second

Long enough to get our heads above water


Our life is like a carousel that never stops turning

It whirls us around while we hold on tight

But when our hands get tired from holding on we fall off

Making is hard to get up again


We all try to take the time to stop and think

But the loud screams of our responsibilities never end

At the end of the day we are worn out and drained

Hoping tomorrow will be easier


We focus on what has to get done

Rather than what we should do

“I don’t have time” is the excuse we use

But is it ok to say “I don’t have time to tell my mom I love her”?


After taking the “interests” survey on the website “My Blueprint” I found out my primary interest traits are “social and “enterprising”. My interest type is “The Catalyst”. Catalyst care for other people and are always ready to help.  They are confident and persuasive people who are able to get very different people to work together by finding a common ground. I tested 69% social and 48% enterprising. I agree with the results and do hope to become something along these lines. In my years after high school I wish to be a doctor or nurse. The thought of helping people in need is a very rewarding feeling I wish to feel everyday in  the future.