The Problem Of Evil

We have all have free will which causes us to battle with evil. We have come up with solutions to the problem of evil. The seven gifts of the holy spirit allow us to defeat evil. No sane person wants evil to exist. We all do not want evil to exist but, with all the temptation and peer pressure we receive is a lot easier said than done for the most part

There are solutions to the problem of evil. The first of four is that evil is not a thing but a choice. Humans have free will and if we all listen to our conscious all the time we will not have a problem with evil but that has not happened every time and will continue not to. The second solution is; evil is not the creator but, the creators freely choosing sin and selfishness. Whenever we commit an act of evil it is not only selfish to us the individual but to everyone around us. The third is we can resolve the problem with practice, not just theory. Practice is just as if not more important than the real thing. When we practice it shows us that we can try new things and get better at it over time. It will not take it minutes but, hours and hours to become better. Finally, the philosophical problem. We call God the all-powerful and all-loving for a reason. He forgives and will always love him even if you try not to let him.

Why do good things happen to bad people? It’s a simple answer. God loves everyone and forgives us all. Is hell crowded or empty? Do I hope hell is crowded? No sane person wants hell to be crowded. We all would love to see heaven crowded and hell empty. Humans freely choose hell for themselves so one would hope there would be little to none there.

The seven gifts of the holy spirit are something we all have. Wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety and fear of the lord. Fear of the Lord is not being scared but to wonder and awe. With the fear of the Lord, one is able to recognize the glory and majesty of God. Wisdom is considered the most important because it acts both the intellect and will.

God is always with us and if we listen to our conscience we will not face the problem of evil. If we all look and understand the solutions to the problem of evil hell will be less crowded. God loves each and every one of us and we cannot hide from the power of love because he is always with us no matter what. God is not a silly syllogism so we cannot take his love for us like one.

Web Design 2

How to change “theme” and “widgets”

  • Appearance
  • Theme
    • Pick theme
      • Activate
  • Widgets
    • Categories
      • Pick side bar
      • Add widget
      • Title
        • Save

How to activate “Plugin”

  • Plugins
  • Use search bar
    • jQuery Colorbox
    • Activate

How to change settings

  • Apperance
  • Customize
  • Title
    • Site Identity
    • Site Title
  • Tagline
    • Site Identity
    • Tagline

How to set profile gravatar

  • Top right dashboard
    • Edit profile
  • Profile Picute
    • Get Gravatar
    • Sign in using school Gmail
    • Pick picture
    • Apply

Media Portfolio

  • I started off with this image sent by Marc

  • With the magic wand tool on Adobe Photoshop I erased the other 2 spartan heads and got this image.

  • Using this video and the help of Mr Sader allowed me to create a cutline that is used to cut out the image on the paper that is printed.

  • Instead of a shirt I made stickers and got this




“You’re such a klutz Jim”

“I didn’t see the cup there dad”

“Open your eyes then son”

“I’m sorry”


Dad and I always argue and I hate it every time we do. Dad is the kind of man who doesn’t complain about his day he is very stoic. Dad is constantly reminding me how big of a klutz I am and how I don’t pay attention to anything I do.

It only seems like i’m the one that gets in trouble in my family like, i’m always the bad guy. My older sister never gets in trouble and never has to do any chores it’s annoying. She is always so cranky as well.

I got home from a long day at school and let the dogs outside for a bathroom break and went downstairs to play Playstation. I got mad and rage quitted so I went and watched some tv in the living room. I took what I thought was a short nap but turns out I was sleeping for 4 hours and I had forgotten to let the dogs back inside. I didn’t realize that it was below thirty outside.

I have never felt so bad before. I went to the garage and played with my dogs. Brushing their short white freshly clipped fur soft like a baby’s bottom with my hand that is the size of their body. After I get them warm I go and wash my hands. I took a sterling silver bracelet off my wrist so it would not tarnish. I wash and think of how much trouble I am going to be in. Mom comes home and first thing she asks is “how long were the dogs outside for”

I had a feeling she knew

I tell her “Im sorry”

“You don’t check your phone?” she asks sternly

“I fell asleep” I mumbled back with disappointment

I could tell mom was very upset with me. I had never seen so much disappointment in her eyes and I felt disappointed because I had let her down because it was all my responsibility. I wondered how she knew that the dogs were outside. It boggled my mind.

The next day dad got home from work and I could definitely wait for this because mom never gives me a punishment but dad on the other hand now, that’s a whole new story.

I overheard my parents talking to each other and mom says tells dad “Jim had left the dogs out for four and a half hours in minus thirty weather”

“What!” dad exclaims

“He tells me ‘I took a nap and forgot about the dogs’ but that is no excuse”

“I’ll talk to him”

Dad took my tv out of my room as a punishment and I understood why he did. He made me go outside and shovel the aswell. I was shoveling in front of the shop where he parks the truck and it was about 5 o’clock in the afternoon so it was starting to get dark outside.

The only source of light I had was the motion light mounted on the exterior wall of the shop. Every minute or so I would have to walk in range of the sensor to turn the light back on.

I was almost done when I look up and see there was this green light. I start to investigate it and get up close to look at it. I realize that my parents had told me they bought a camera for the yard to let us know when we have guests and because there had been many vehicles stolen in our area. I had forgotten they told me about that and that is how my mom knew that the dogs had been left outside.


John Goddard: Responding To The Profile

1A.               I think he spent his life trying to do everything on his “life list” because he is a man of his word. He makes a promise at the rite of passage and commits to it. He is a man who wants to make the best out of everything and live life to the fullest. John Goddard sets all these goals so he can be satisfied with his life.

B.                My life would be nothing like John’s life is. I would not be in that good of shape that I could bike 10 kilometers everyday and do 100 situps every morning. I would also be living at home near my family not still travelling around the world with little ties to the family.

C.              I would like to do a lot more than 10 things before I get to forty so I’ll pick my top 10.

  • Graduate high school
  • Get into post-secondary school
  • Get married
  • Have children
  • Fly on a plane
  • Skydive
  • Seadoo
  • Get license
  • Play Jr. B tigers hockey
  • Live a life that I am satisfied with

I believe I could do everyone one of them realistically. None of them are too far fetched.

D.              If I had to choose between a life far-off adventure by myself or stay in one place with friends and family I would easily stay in one place. I like being with my friends and family. Being with them makes me very happy and I love every second of it. We always take our friends and family for granted we don’t realize how much they mean to us and how much they shape our identity until they are gone. The travel part sounds fun but why do that alone when you can do a yearly trip with all your friends and family.


E.               I think the easiest goal listed is learn jujitsu. Learning it doesn’t mean you have to master the art. It means learn the basics. Read the works of all those authors for example Shakespeare alone wrote 154 books. That would take such a long time.

Responding To I’ve Got Gloria

1A. I think there is a battle of wills between Scott and his father because they are much alike. They are good at admitting when they are right from wrong.

B.         Anything could happen on the first day of summer school, the possibilities are almost endless. I think Mrs Whitman is really upset at him due to the mischievous call with Scott’s mother and the detail that says “….Tell him I’ll see him this summer. I’m teaching remedial math.” If Scott truly wants to change his math mark he would come fully prepared with all his notes he took in school and the assignment and tests.

C.                          I’ve been embarrassed many of times on my life. One of the times I was playing hockey and one of my buddies get hit to the head from the opposing teams player then next thing you know he comes and unnecessarily trips me. My mother was screaming at the ref and sure enough she gets kicked out all the the boys on my team were laughing I just sat there with my head down thinking how embarrassing it was. After the game I go to my truck and I tell my mom to never do another silly thing like that ever again.

D.                        The reader see Mrs Whitman through Scotts eyes as an old hag who is out to make sure Scott fails math. He sees her as a person who would do anything to prevent him from passing his math class that’s why he made the phone call to her about having Gloria. The Protagonist has a big factor in shaping how we view different characters. They have a big influence on how we think their personality and behavior are like

“Hanna” Written Response

          The movie “Hanna” was directed by Joe Wright in 2011. Hanna was a 16 year old girl created in a facility to make “superbabies.” She was living in the middle of the forest with her father and they had a weak but strong relationship. A very stoic relationship where they had little to say to each other. They had a family of three until Marissa Wiegler got jealous and killed the mother Johanna.


        Hanna was engineered to become a emotionless. Near the end of the film one discovered that was not possible. No matter how hard we try to be stoic and emotionless we will always fear and pity. Having these emotions may actually be positive. You connect with one another through fear. Hanna has a lot of courage and selfless especially when she tells sophie to stay in the van when she fights the “big bad wolf” or Isaac. Hanna treats Sophie’s family greatly. She feeds them squirrels for breakfast and saves them from Isaac and the other guys that are chasing her.

       Hanna is unique because she is one of a kind superbaby. Hanna doesn’t know what it’s like to live in the city but she has to adapt or die. She can adapt to anything from languages and cultures to places to live. Hanna knows what it’s like to be a human being when she is told that Erik is not her father and when she is told she was engineered. When she’s in an existential crisis it’s new to her but having these feelings is all apart of being human. Hanna sees herself to being a different girl but can adapt to any teenage way of life. Marissa Wiegler sees a dangerous girl who could be harmful not only to her but to everyone else. Marissa values affect Hanna’s life immensely. All Marissa wants is everything that will benefit her. Marissa attempts to assassinate Both Erik and Hanna but fails to do so and only kills Johanna. That put a negative effect on Hanna’s life and perhaps that is why she strived so hard to become such a strong and stoic little girl.

        Hanna lived in the middle of the forest for 16 years so, of course she would be a different than everyone else. Her behavior is acceptable for her lifestyle and culture. Hanna defends her life and others lives which is very admirable. Her dad is also very stoic and shows little emotion towards Hanna. Before dad leaves the house at the start of the movie they hug very awkwardly and that sums up their relationship. It shows they have little connection emotionally. It must be hard for Hanna because the role of parents on kids and teenagers is huge. How they act and treat people shapes one’s future. What brings Hanna joy is Sophie. When Hanna was with Sophie she never what it was like to have a real friend and she actually full on smiled when she was with her.


        Marissa Wiegler is focused on assassinating Hanna which bring up the question. Can you really move forwards if you are looking backwards? Marissa created Hanna but now she wants to terminate her. She had already killed Johanna when Hanna was just a baby. Then when Erik had sacrificed his life for Hanna she took advantage and killed him too. When she told Hanna on the train tracks she killed all the others and she’s next Hanna wasn’t phased because all the thing her dad had taught her she knew she could defeat Marissa. Marissa ironically was standing in the big bad wolf’s mouth when she had gotten shot with an arrow.


        “Hanna” is a great movie with a unexpected plot twist. Hanna gained all her stoicism and most of her knowledge from Erik she learns that she has to adapt or die. Hanna is a brave girl who is capable of doing almost anything. Hanna is a very strong girl but no matter how strong one can be they are still human and humans with always have fear and pity.


Draw it project

The draw it project turns a normal photo into a drawing. It was a very easy assignment but also a cool learning experience.

In order to start the project I needed to find a photo that was copyright free and so I went to pexels and found a Photo.

In order to complete the project I had to duplicate the layer and all you had to do was right click then go down and click the duplicate layer button.

Then used the layer adjustment to change the hue and saturation

Then we clicked colour dodge to make it more grey

Then click command + I to invert the colours

Then clicked filter then blur then gaussian blur and changed it

to make the image reappear

And finished off with this image