On The Sidewalk Bleeding By Evan Hunter

1)Who is the protagonist?

The protagonist in the story on the sidewall bleeding is Andy.  He was a tragic hero. Andy was a young fellow, sixteen years of age. He was going to buy a pack of smokes. He walked down a back alley and he got stabbed, just below the rib cage. The reason he got stabbed was not because he was a bad guy it was because of the jacket he was wearing. The jacket had on was one that had “The Royals” sewed on the back of it in red thread. The jacket was just a symbol of a team or group. Andy was so proud to be called a royal.  The protagonist is the main character in a story. The one thing about Andy is he has hope.

2) What is/are the conflict(s)?

This story was a man vs man conflict. Andy was apart of the royals and there was another group named the Guardians. The Guardians are the people that stabbed Andy. The Royals and the Guardians were two of the largest groups. Andy thought that being a royal was more than just a title it was apart of him. Until he got stabbed and he realized that being a Royal wasn’t so special and before he died he took his jacket off so Andy would die as Andy not a Royal. That was not the only conflict, in the story andy definitely had conflict with himself. He had an existential crisis. He did know if his life had any purpose or any meaning anymore.

3) The conflict is developed through the use of names that apply to the boy: Andy and a Royal. Skim the story to note how the names appear in critical places. What do these names represent?

At first he was introduced as “the boy”. He had no meaning for him just he thought the jacket meant everything. The he got stabbed and he started realizing that the jacket didn’t mean anything but he accepted who he is and that he is in love with Laura.

4) What effect does Andy’s jacket have on the people who find him in the alley?

The jacket he wore read “The Royal” and once Freddie saw that he got worried and he took Angela home. Freddie thought that Andy was a bad person and a mean person. Andy was not bad nor mean Andy was innocent. The jacket gave him that status. Even though it was an irrational fear.


5) What are the reasons why these people do not help Andy?

The drunk guy thought Andy was drunk and was just passed out drunk in the alleyway. The drunk asked Andy if he wanted a drink but that was the last thing that Andy needed. That was the only solution the drunk had. Freddie and Angela saw the Royals jacket and that was why they didn’t help Andy. Also because their people would get worried about them. The homeless person was happy because the only thing she was worried about was her hat that she found in the trash and she didn’t see or hear Andy crying out for help. All of these people are bystanders which realistically makes them bullies.

6) At what point does Andy realize he is dying?

Andy started realizing he was dying after everyone abandoned him and that none was going to come and help him. After he was thinking about his love, Laura. This was an existential crisis. He knew he was going to die after he knew his jacket was absurd.

7) What does Andy do with the last of his strength? How is this important to the theme and to the outcome of the conflict?

Andy took off the Royals jacket so he wouldn’t die as one of the Royals he would die as Andy. He didn’t want to die as a royal because he knew it was absurd and that the jacket got him into this mess. This is important to the theme because he is dying because of the jacket.





9) What is the police officer’s reaction to Andy? How does this contribute to the author’s message?

The police officer had zero empathy or knowledge of Andy. He didn’t know that Andy was a good kid with a kind heart. The officer should have shown respect for Andy knowing that he didn’t know him or what he was. The jacket represents a symbol , a absurd symbol.

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