My Blueprint


I just joined the website My Blueprint. It seems like a excellent website with so many features to help you find a job and go to universities. The first thing I notices was all the features on the left sidebar. Right off the bat I get a good impression because of all the option. It has on your homepage your goals, activities and portfolios. Then you can click on the side bar “Who Am I” and you can take surveys that makes you know what kind of person you are. Also, there is plan making for high school. There is also postsecondary apprenticeships, colleges, universities and workplaces for you to find one of them. Also, there is work and money for budgets, for work you can search for jobs can find occupations. Then, at the bottom is, “guides and articles” this helps provide information about jobs and other important things when you finish schools. This is a excellent website for find jobs, colleges and university it also is nice because it sets goals and sets budgets. This website is excellent to use a when I get a little older.




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