First Line Auction

First Line Auction

“The cry of pain from the powerful, the unheard”

My dad taking me on an evening stroll through the park,

Enjoying how lovely the night was and how thankful we were,

Not only for the lovely night but the beautiful family we have,

Just thinking, life is good,

Dad and I came across a police car,

Blue and lights flashing so bright like a flash off a camera,

An ambulance showed up momentarily after,

The sirens louder than the crack of thunder,

Dad went to see what was going on,

He made me wait outside,

Waiting outside for some answers,

Worried sick to my stomach,

I see my dad on the deck,

Seeing my dad cry was the worst feeling the world,

It was the cry of pain from the powerful, the unheard,
I knew something tragic happened,

Uncle had a heart attack,

65 years of age,

So innocent he wouldn’t even hurt a fly.

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