Word Craft: Sunrise on the Veld

Vigilant- keeping careful watch for possible danger or difficulties.

  • “Remaining vigilant all night and counting the hours as he lay relaxed in sleep”


Even in our sleep our minds allow us to remain aware and watch for the possible dangers.


Skoen- a protective covering for the foot: shoe                                                      

  • “veld skoen that were crinkled and hard”


After using his shoes a hundred morning from the hot sun. The skoen  became so crinkled and hard. His feet has became wrinkled from the hot sun.


Convulsive-  Producing or consisting of convulsions.

  • “Jerked convulsively with the jerking nerves”


The buck that was suffering was jerking convulsively trying to remain alive. The boy was unsure if he should take him out of his misery or not.


Stoicism- is the ability to express no emotion even in times of pain or hardship.

  • “Suffering, sick, and angry, but also grimly satisfied with his new stoicism”


Stoicism is used in the story when the boy find the buck that was getting eaten alive by ants. He was so disturbed by the sight of it that he was unable to feel anything. I can relate to this because I rarely show emotion during hard or tough times.


Hoarsely- weakness of breath

  • “He was breathing hoarsely and could no longer sing”


He ran a full two miles in waist high grass. He thinks he is in so much control and power. If he were to break his ankle or injure himself in any way he would be left for dead. He would not be able to cry for help. He doesn’t realize how vulnerable he actually is. This relates to me because like the boy, I too like to think I have so much power.

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