Responding To I’ve Got Gloria

1A. I think there is a battle of wills between Scott and his father because they are much alike. They are good at admitting when they are right from wrong.

B.         Anything could happen on the first day of summer school, the possibilities are almost endless. I think Mrs Whitman is really upset at him due to the mischievous call with Scott’s mother and the detail that says “….Tell him I’ll see him this summer. I’m teaching remedial math.” If Scott truly wants to change his math mark he would come fully prepared with all his notes he took in school and the assignment and tests.

C.                          I’ve been embarrassed many of times on my life. One of the times I was playing hockey and one of my buddies get hit to the head from the opposing teams player then next thing you know he comes and unnecessarily trips me. My mother was screaming at the ref and sure enough she gets kicked out all the the boys on my team were laughing I just sat there with my head down thinking how embarrassing it was. After the game I go to my truck and I tell my mom to never do another silly thing like that ever again.

D.                        The reader see Mrs Whitman through Scotts eyes as an old hag who is out to make sure Scott fails math. He sees her as a person who would do anything to prevent him from passing his math class that’s why he made the phone call to her about having Gloria. The Protagonist has a big factor in shaping how we view different characters. They have a big influence on how we think their personality and behavior are like

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