“You’re such a klutz Jim”

“I didn’t see the cup there dad”

“Open your eyes then son”

“I’m sorry”


Dad and I always argue and I hate it every time we do. Dad is the kind of man who doesn’t complain about his day he is very stoic. Dad is constantly reminding me how big of a klutz I am and how I don’t pay attention to anything I do.

It only seems like i’m the one that gets in trouble in my family like, i’m always the bad guy. My older sister never gets in trouble and never has to do any chores it’s annoying. She is always so cranky as well.

I got home from a long day at school and let the dogs outside for a bathroom break and went downstairs to play Playstation. I got mad and rage quitted so I went and watched some tv in the living room. I took what I thought was a short nap but turns out I was sleeping for 4 hours and I had forgotten to let the dogs back inside. I didn’t realize that it was below thirty outside.

I have never felt so bad before. I went to the garage and played with my dogs. Brushing their short white freshly clipped fur soft like a baby’s bottom with my hand that is the size of their body. After I get them warm I go and wash my hands. I took a sterling silver bracelet off my wrist so it would not tarnish. I wash and think of how much trouble I am going to be in. Mom comes home and first thing she asks is “how long were the dogs outside for”

I had a feeling she knew

I tell her “Im sorry”

“You don’t check your phone?” she asks sternly

“I fell asleep” I mumbled back with disappointment

I could tell mom was very upset with me. I had never seen so much disappointment in her eyes and I felt disappointed because I had let her down because it was all my responsibility. I wondered how she knew that the dogs were outside. It boggled my mind.

The next day dad got home from work and I could definitely wait for this because mom never gives me a punishment but dad on the other hand now, that’s a whole new story.

I overheard my parents talking to each other and mom says tells dad “Jim had left the dogs out for four and a half hours in minus thirty weather”

“What!” dad exclaims

“He tells me ‘I took a nap and forgot about the dogs’ but that is no excuse”

“I’ll talk to him”

Dad took my tv out of my room as a punishment and I understood why he did. He made me go outside and shovel the aswell. I was shoveling in front of the shop where he parks the truck and it was about 5 o’clock in the afternoon so it was starting to get dark outside.

The only source of light I had was the motion light mounted on the exterior wall of the shop. Every minute or so I would have to walk in range of the sensor to turn the light back on.

I was almost done when I look up and see there was this green light. I start to investigate it and get up close to look at it. I realize that my parents had told me they bought a camera for the yard to let us know when we have guests and because there had been many vehicles stolen in our area. I had forgotten they told me about that and that is how my mom knew that the dogs had been left outside.


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