The Problem Of Evil

We have all have free will which causes us to battle with evil. We have come up with solutions to the problem of evil. The seven gifts of the holy spirit allow us to defeat evil. No sane person wants evil to exist. We all do not want evil to exist but, with all the temptation and peer pressure we receive is a lot easier said than done for the most part

There are solutions to the problem of evil. The first of four is that evil is not a thing but a choice. Humans have free will and if we all listen to our conscious all the time we will not have a problem with evil but that has not happened every time and will continue not to. The second solution is; evil is not the creator but, the creators freely choosing sin and selfishness. Whenever we commit an act of evil it is not only selfish to us the individual but to everyone around us. The third is we can resolve the problem with practice, not just theory. Practice is just as if not more important than the real thing. When we practice it shows us that we can try new things and get better at it over time. It will not take it minutes but, hours and hours to become better. Finally, the philosophical problem. We call God the all-powerful and all-loving for a reason. He forgives and will always love him even if you try not to let him.

Why do good things happen to bad people? It’s a simple answer. God loves everyone and forgives us all. Is hell crowded or empty? Do I hope hell is crowded? No sane person wants hell to be crowded. We all would love to see heaven crowded and hell empty. Humans freely choose hell for themselves so one would hope there would be little to none there.

The seven gifts of the holy spirit are something we all have. Wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety and fear of the lord. Fear of the Lord is not being scared but to wonder and awe. With the fear of the Lord, one is able to recognize the glory and majesty of God. Wisdom is considered the most important because it acts both the intellect and will.

God is always with us and if we listen to our conscience we will not face the problem of evil. If we all look and understand the solutions to the problem of evil hell will be less crowded. God loves each and every one of us and we cannot hide from the power of love because he is always with us no matter what. God is not a silly syllogism so we cannot take his love for us like one.

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