Dream Job

Nuclear energy, the power of the atom. This energy is one of the most powerful forces you can find in the natural world. This energy is used by trillions of stars throughout the universe. Stars varying from the white dwarf that will last for billions of years, to the supergiant stars that will transform into supernovas, completely eradicating themselves. These cosmic nuclear engines use nuclear fusion in which two or more atoms join together, creating vast amounts of energy.


Although humanity as of right now cannot utilize this energy, we use a process that is similar called nuclear fission to generate power in our towns, cities, and countries. Instead of joining two atoms together, you split them instead. This occurs in a nuclear reactor, as high energy neutrons split heavy atoms of uranium, resulting in high amounts of energy, although not as numerous as nuclear fusion. Unfortunately, it leaves behind radiation and radioactive wastes that lasts for quite some time. With fusion the benefits heavily outweigh the negatives. This process is much more cleaner, more efficient, safer, has more fuel, and produces much more energy than nuclear

My dream job is being a nuclear engineer. The reason that I directly wish to become a nuclear engineer is that I believe that nuclear energy will become the next major source of energy in the future. This is the same energy that powers these stars in sky for billions of years and if humanity were to get it, we would be given an amazing source of energy that could last us for almost eternity. Sadly, we are stuck into using fission, Even then, it gives us more benefits than using fossil fuels and oil for a source of energy. Oil in our day and age is almost used for everything, ranging from clothing, tires, shoes, etc. If oil were to run out, we would be forced into using older methods of creating these items which would slow down production. Fossil fuels also produces extensive amounts of pollution into the atmosphere. Right now, we cannot reverse these effects as they will be there for centuries and planting one tree or recycling would almost have no effect. I believe if we put more money, time, and effort into nuclear energy, we would eventually gain nuclear fusion, but that is not the case. I have this odd idea that the individuals who have gained billions of dollars in oil are stopping progress on alternative energies such as solar, wind, etc, from gaining huge or quicker traction, as it would decrease their profits and potentially stop their income.


As an engineer, I would investigate and advance the processes, instruments, and systems used to acquire the benefits of nuclear energy. To pursue this dream and achieve it, I would have to obtain a bachelor’s degree in nuclear engineering. Some nuclear engineering jobs would also require a master’s degrees, or possibly a Ph.D. I would also need high school courses in mathematics, algebra, trigonometry, and calculus, also sciences such as biology, chemistry, and physics. The median pay for nuclear engineering was $102, 220 in May 2016. The lower 10 percent earned less than $65,570 and the highest 10 percent earned more than $152,420. As a nuclear engineer, I would aspire to create a sustainable source of nuclear fusion. Giving a clean source of energy to every person on Earth.

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