Problems of Evil

     Evil isn’t evil without a body performing wrong actions. It is caused with a person’s own decision choosing the right or wrong. The problems of Evil grows in humanity, leading them astray.

   God is the creator of all things. Free will is a gift of God, but bad choices results evil. Sinning is the most unavoidable manner. Not only does it make an individual sin physically but it also affects them spiritually through faith. Growing weak to God leads to more sinning, therefore evil then takes the advantage to lure the believers and the unbelievers to choose wrong choices. Says in 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus.” All has sinned but God is merciful, so he sent his one and only son Jesus Christ down to earth to pay for all who has sinned.

      Physical evil is spiritual evil. Anyone who is breathing right now and then, will feel empty. Not knowing the purpose of living, scared or confused. In Romans 6:6 the Holy Spirit calls our body “the body of sin,” Our body is the stronghold of “sin,” the tool of “sin,”. Conscience is the will of God, like sinning, before or after choosing the wrong choice, a little voice in our heads will speak and tell us how we manage the situation. Our own self can be our own enemy. The flesh that gets the work done that leads us to doing evil. Eggs are an example of a human, spirit and soul. Like the shell, egg white and the yolk, they have different parts but are called egg as a whole.

      Good people also suffers. As God already said in Ecclesiastes 7:20  “There is not a righteous person on earth who always does good and never sins”. This means, no one is good enough to be righteous and have not sin, everyone might’ve sinned or is still sinning that caused them to have great suffer. The thing is, suffer doesn’t always means bad. It is trials that God make people face in their life to see and know who would be faithful or unfaithful to him till the end. Who would turn away from their wicked ways and surrender to God.

    Evil will stay with mankind till the end of days. But to those who stay faithful to God and wait for him will not perish but have an eternal life.


Reasons To Believe

     One of the top most arguable questions till today is about God’s existence. About 85% of the people living in this earth have heard about or know about God but still choose not to believe in Him.

    A common argument from atheists and skeptics is that if all things need a cause, then God must also need a cause. Although we cannot prove that God exists, neither can we prove that He exists. As for the questions about where He came from, God is the uncreated Creator who created the universe and everything in it. God is not part of the universe which He created. God is the creator. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made” John 1:1-3. Everything that exists has a cause, nothing can exist without a cause except God, therefore, God is real. Since He is invisible to humanity we can only know Him by means of faith.

    At some point, unbelievers will question  if God really exists. Curiosity will bring their attention to search or know more about His existence. The Prayer of the Skeptic is a prayer about God’s existence. The following prayer is based on Jeremiah 29:12,13: “Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”  If we understand what it means to speak of X, then X exists in the understanding. Like air that we don’t see or feel God is still real. John 1:3 says “All things came into being through him, and apart from him nothing came into being that has come into a being”. Infinite chaos may be a reason for humans to be apart from God Trials can bring us closer to God and make our faith stronger.

   Atheist don’t believe that God exists and probably haven’t heard about his miraculous works. There are many events, in the Bible, where God visited people in their dreams or others were dead and came back to life after seeing what hell looks like. Another argument that by the time people are not looking or interested in knowing God, God himself will make a move to let that person become involved with Him in His own mysterious ways. This will then lead the individual to a leap to faith.  Romans 11:29 says “for the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable.” This means that if God calls anyone, He has a purpose in that individual’s life. Jeremiah 29:11 says For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” With strong faith, everything God says will make sense to the believers, giving them peace of mind and comfort in their hearts.

   God can change your life. Each and everyone’s story is already written by the creator. A reason to believe in God is free will, leading an individual to having their own belief. All arguments are made, but clearly as God said in John 6:47 “Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes me has eternal life.” God is real. Therefore if all establishment ends, He will know His people, turn His back on the sinners and create a whole new creation.


Responding to the story: Julius Caesar

A.  In the textbook replied Brutus to the people of rome, “Not that I loved caesar less but that I love Rome more” “Had you rather Caesar were living and die all slaves, than that caesar were dead, to live all free man” said thee brutus. Means that if the people of Rome didn’t start realizing what Caesar’s plan was for them in the future and didn’t make a move to change their fate,  then they would have to end up with a disadvantage. According to Brutus, the Romans should see that his intentions are clear and he’s committed to whatever task comes his way.

B.  The Romans seems to be convinced with Brutus’s sincerity. They give him an agreement by their applaud declaring ‘’ Live, Brutus! Live! Live” With this, it showed their respond to Brutus’s speech was acknowledge they agree to what comes out of Brutus’s mouth.

C.  Since Marc Anthony promised to Brutus’s squad, he was able to talk in front of the romans and share his speech to people convincing the people that Brutus was an honorable man yet a liar by adding to the speech that Brutus was all about him being  honourable but actually blames and lies about the late king, Julius Caesar.

D.  I disagree, Marc said that he wasn’t an orator to look humble and real but in reality his intentions are actually to spread his opinion and he’s about to backstab brutus in his speech.

E.  Marc Anthony incites the romans to rise and mutiny by, saying not to obey these commandments and not to rise on their own will and rebel but to be a strong community that puts their trust at their leader.

F.  In the end my conclusions about the romans is that, it would be difficult to have marc     anthony as their leader because he has his pride and really wanting to rule the rome. In the end he would mostly be be fed up about rome and be stressed about it to be crazy. If Brutus were to be the leader he still has someone with, to guide him, to make decisions, like his wife and cassius and this could create a great environment for a leader that has someone to trust or lean on.

G.   Both would make sense to be a leader but at the same time both has weak flaws. Brutus has a calm and warm feeling when he talks to the people of rome, he tries to understand the romans feeling before making any harsh statement but should be careful. While Marc, is kinda like an aggressive guy that betrayed brutus saying bad things to him. Who knows if he also can backstab the people in rome as well saying this and that but actually the one that gives them a hard time in the future.

Leader and Heroes

    A leader is a person that leads and commands an organization. A hero is a person that’s admired by many for outstanding achievements.

     Leaders are there to voice out the opinions of its people. To lead them not in poverty but to guide, plan and prepare for their future. To make sure that his people should have standard of living, quality of life and sustainability. Being a leader has a lot of responsibilities, since the whole crowd believes that he’s got the perfect  strategy and method to get them to the right place. A smart chief is essential, especially when an official order is made. It’s a duty of a leader to be able to be confident, problem solver, and considerate, to be able to deliver a good impression to the public.

   Heroes are people that have achieved great things through suffer and hard work. Batman, superman, and Captain America wasn’t called heroes because they were hot, they were called hero because they have left an impression to the nation. They’ve fought many to save the life of humanity, but this carries responsibilities. To be physically and emotionally is necessary for heroes to be a hero. If being afraid and weak is one of their characters, it wouldn’t make no difference to other normal people.  

    A hero is a is still a hero after death. It’ll go down to history that the person saved lives of many and has contributed a lot for the community. Once hero, always a hero. While as a leader, protected the people through power, sincerity and words. They might be ordinary and not have used their own body  to protect their people but the have used their brains to outsource the situations to give the people a better life. A time may come, when our leaders and heroes may become greedy, so be careful in choosing the people you trust, believe, and praise, it might be the wrong person

   Afterall a hero and a leader may not be the same but both deserves respect. After putting all the effort for the citizens to have a better life. As the voters and the resident in this country we should also be responsible to who we choose to be our leader, our hero.

            Responding to the story: I’ve got Gloria


1.  The father and scott in the story, I’ve got gloria, had a conflict that got on the way. It’s a love hate relationship between the father and the son. It’s hard to accept that we created something wrong and admitting it. As for Scott and his father, both did something wrong but would not accept that they’ve done something wrong.  In this case both fought and created a conflict between them.

2. In the story Scott had to be sent to a summer school. He’s first day would probably be the awkwardest, seeing Mrs. Whitman and other people on the spot. Scott would probably befriend Mrs. Whitman. In the other hand Mrs. Whitman would see Scott attend the summer school and would probably show signs he forgives him. Both might share their perspectives on the lesson or each other and might create a bond.

3. An embarrassing moment that happened last few months ago was, I was having a good day smiling and looking cute feeling like a beauty to everyone, then after lunch I was suppose to go talk to Mr. Mac but then he was talking to someone on the phone and had to wait little did I know I had some spinach in between my teeth and was looking like an idiot smiling the whole the day not knowing that I had something in my teeth.

4. Mrs. Whitman probably sees Scott as a child, too young that he’s being immature and sensitive with the issue when he can do something about it. Grades is one of the affair in the story in which affects both individuals. Scott had failed his test and took a revenge of the teacher that gave him an F, by taking the dog and called in for a ransom of a higher mark. Since adult thinks differently from youth, Mrs. Whitman knowing that scott’s got a bad grade she’d want to help him as well and get her dog in exchange.

Responding to the story: The adventurous life of john Goddard

  1.   John Goddard’s motivation through his journey was his goals and his promises. Buddy didn’t get to survive throughout the journey and since both promised to end the course no matter what or who ever’s the last man standing he would still be continuing the expedition. The goal to fulfil the will to John Goddard’s friend he made his way out there and finished the journey himself
  2.   By the age of sixty-four I would picture my life to be lit? Big mansion with a big pool wear you can canoe. A huge flat screen television in each room in the house. Probably with my partner creating Dope memories. Saved enough money to not work instead have people working for me. I’d probably be going around and be like a missionary sharing the gospel and meeting a bunch of people.
  3.   Before the age of forty, I would like to accomplish things I want to do with my life such as leaving vermilion, finish school safely, sending scary email chains to the people I dislike, getting to a serious fight and get in trouble, Jumping out of the plane with a parachute, getting in the news headlines, have fame and chains that goes bling bling, meet some good dope people and befriend them, give my mom and dad a good life.
  4.    I would want to have a far off adventure myself because I don’t really have friends that I’d want to stick with, I could call my family whenever I miss them since technology has upgraded. Going on my adventure may lead me to meeting better people, exploring other culture, having the knowledge of being able to going on with your day independently. Appreciating being alone and working hard to reach your goals individually.
  5. My top 3 goals that would probably be the hardest to fulfill would be that having a mansion, getting into news headlines and have fame with chains that goes bling bling. I can’t really see the future right now. It isn’t that clear for me to see like other people, they already have plans and goals.. Mine is bit of everywhere.

Hannah and fairy tales

       Hanna is a character from the movie “HANNA”. Through her journey, there was some difficulties that have emerge and  had similar adventure with some fairy tales that probably most people know. Like Snow White, Hansel and Gretel and Little Red Riding hood for an illustration. The plot of the story Hanna  had some part whereas these stories were a theme at the events in the movie.

       An old tale about a little girl getting tricked by a big bad wolf after getting back from the woods, little red riding hood went to the the bed to check upon her grandmother and the wolf took advantage of that momentum to trick the young lady, hiding behind the covers and pretending to be the grandmother. Almost got eaten, in other books it says that the big bad wolf was pushed in the to the fire while cooking the grandmother, other books says the wolf fell asleep and red riding hood took that as a right time to smash the ax in his head. Moreover on Hannah in the movie thought Marissa Wiegler was already dead and she killed her by her own two hands. But in reality Hannah was in a trap where Marisa has been watching out for her the whole time. Similarities between this two tale is that Marissa like the wolf was watching Hannah like a prey then catch her.

       Next to this is, Snow white, a girl that was supposed to die due to a mad villain that was psychotic and envious of how pretty snow white was and ordered a huntsman to kill her. At the story Hannah, on the other hand, Hannah’s existence is no longer a secret and Marissa already knew about her. So Weigler went and called people to dispatch Hannah and bring the kid over to her. In this case both story did have happy ending but twain also had some range through their course. Examples are, Hanna had left the place where Eric and her had stayed, and throughout the adventure, a family accompanied her journey. Same as snow white, who luckily encountered the seven dwarfs that had also played a huge role on her life, helped her in some of the rough occasions she had faced.

        Another story that relates to this movie is Hansel and Gretel. The kids where tricked by the house owner who is a cannibal, using candies as a bribe and alluring children inside the house and capture preys. Matching the movie and the story also made resemblance. Comparison to this is a part where in the story of Hansel and Gretel was the kids were to be eaten but found a way out tricking the witch ending up escaping the candy house and pushing the witch on the fireplace. Hanna at the movie was ordered to dispatch but found a way out, outsmarting the antagonist. Fought all the bad guys and breakout cleanly.

During the journey Hanna learned to protect herself relying on no one. Believing in nothing and most of all being a savage. In this film, it was purposely made to associate with fairy tales to connect the perception in two both perspectives of the story and make it relatable to watchers.


War short story: Time Battle

 It was the twentieth of March in twenty-fifteen, Still snowing outside, cloudy and chilled, when my mom decided to finish her contract for another year in Saudi Arabia. The day before my mom left she told us “ I’m gonna have to stay there for a year,  because my contract does not  end till next September..” . “ I mean being separated with her for year and a few months would be fine, since we have snap chat, message, and online video calls’’ I thought to myself.  It should not be that bad.

       Fifth of September in twenty-sixteen when my mom took a month vacation in Canada. Mom was cooking supper and I asked her if she was actually going to stay here in Canada with us for good. Mom sat me and called my sister, “I won’t be staying here for another year.. I just got the position of supervisor, I can’t just leave and plus I got an increase in salary and still have to visit your brother in Philippines”. Since the company my mom works for in Saudi pays for her ticket to Philippines she wanted to take the opportunity to stay there and still have the chance to see our brother as well.

          It’s been two years..almost three. We celebrate our birthdays with just the three of us and mom and brother celebrates their own with their friends. We eat the same foods every single week since dad only knows how to cook about five dishes, like inside three years we’ve been eating the same dish for ever.. We miss mom and brother. Even though my brother doesn’t cook, at the age sixteen he had to go to Philippines for college, since back then,  Saudi ended high school at tenth grade.

       November in twenty seventeen. We are still all not together. Brother is still finishing his last year in college and Mom is hopefully, finishing her last year in Saudi and finally stay here with us.


The Sniper by Liam O’flaherty


a.)  It sounded serious at the beginning. The first paragraph started with a mysterious and thrilling introduction. Some details were pointed out like, “twilight faded into night” or  “enveloped into darkness” or “fleecy clouds” and a lot more.


b.) The message that Liam O’flaherty is trying to convey about the civil war is that he is against war. The fact that the brothers are fighting each other instead of teaming up because they share the same blood and are family. The message compare to the theme war because the author, Liam O’flaherty, made the story a conflict between the sniper and the brother which represent for example two nations fight each other because of racism, human rights, etc. But, we’re all brothers and sisters in God’s eyes, we’re all equal..We shouldn’t fight.


c.) The sniper had a “cold”, “gleam”, “stoic eyes”. In the middle of the story he pretended to be dead and made his body looked like it was a corpse with no pulse, He dropped his and and rested at the ground to make it look like his dead. The sniper cried because of joy because he shot his enemy successfully.


d.) The sniper only described the sniper in a good way because he’s the protagonist. It’s his battle, his fight, his situation, and his story or maybe the author has the similar situation and he’s putting himself in the sniper’s position.


  1. e) The ending was shockingly surprising. At the end, in the story that the battle between the sniper and the enemy was actually a battle between brothers. The sniper didn’t know it was his brother till he shot the body and went across him. It was a powerful ending, showing that the brothers fought each other and the other brother killed the other sibling.


f.) It could happen in canada in such ways as there could be possible war against countries or nations or also can have political fights that can also create conflicts with each other. For example the oil pipeline project that was voted down by the liberal government could cause friends, families, and neighbors to be against each other. Eastern canada doesn’t respect how big a deal this issue is for alberta and this could could cause a civil war if people are not open to discussing the problem.

Response to the story: WAR

a.)    War can be referred to/as conflict within countries, friends, family or oneself. In this story, It is a war between the father and two sons. The father went to the army and told the eldest son, while the youngest one didn’t have any idea that the father was going to the army, instead he thought he was just working. It was also a war between the two brothers, where both are fighting for the attention and love, also dislikes each other from being compared to one another.


b.)     Neil is a kid after all.. He threw the stones on his dad because he didn’t know how to  express his anger when he was mad. We can’t just hit our parents or hurt them as much because they’re still older. The stone portrayed in this story symbolizes hatred, wrong and dirty deeds, doubt and all heavy burden things on a human being.


c.)    The climax of the story called war when neil threw a golf ball and the stone at his father and fell down. He tried to reach out for his father and try to wake him showing he still cares. The climax was resolved when they took a picture before the father left for the army and Neil gave his gifts to his parents to show his emotion and appreciation.