Carlos who did the role as Max (a belgian malinois) used to help U.S marines in Afghanistan is handled by Robbie Amell which is Kyle Wincott. Kyle is questioned why the weapons that his squad had gone been missing. He realized that his best pal which is Luke Kleintank as Tyler Harne was involved with the dealings of weapons. Kyle warned Tyler that he can’t cover for him. Kyle and Tyler got into a battlefield with their squad, with Max leading them. While looking for the suicide bomber, Max was injured because of the explosion. Kyle went to look for max through the explosion but he was shot and killed.
Josh Wiggins as Justin Wincott is the younger brother of Kyle, he earns money from pirating video games, and their father Thomas Haden Church as Raymond Wincott were informed by Kyle Wincotts’ death. After Kyle’s body was brought back to burial, the other Marines noticed that Max didn’t want others company and only wanted Kyles’, but they also noticed that Max is calm when his near justin ( Kyle’s younger brother).

Justin went to hang out with his best friend Dejon LaQuake as Chuy in the skating park but Chuy brought his cousin Mia Xitali as Carmen. Carmen is a girl who love dogs and she get offended easily but soon her heart warms up to Justin and in the end she becomes Justin’s girlfriend
This movie is about dogs like belgian malinois,german shepherds  that are trained and is used for helping police work; searching, detecting such as bombs or explosions, tracking suspects and rescue missions, that are helping, dying or getting injured because of battles or war


    Max is one of the dogs that was trained and was assigned to Kyle Wincott. Kyle Wincott is one of the Marines of U.S along with his best friend Tyler Harne and their squad. Kyle was questioned when weapons that was seized by his squad go missing. Kyle found out that Tyler was involved with the illegal dealings of trading weapons. While they were on a battlefield with Max on point, Max was injured in the explosion, Kyle went off to check Max but He got shot.
Kyle’s younger brother, Justin who makes money by pirating games, and their father Ray was informed by Kyle’s death. Kyle’s body was brought back home for burial. Max  is now placed where other malinois dogs stays and rests. Max was so bonded with Kyle he can’t work with anyone. But Marines sensed that Max is calm when his around Justin, sensing that his Kyle’s brother.The family adopts Max, otherwise max would be killed. Justin did little things to adjust with Max but eventually warms up with him. Justin went to hangout with his friend Chuy, while meeting up with Chuy, Justin meets Chuy’s cousin, Carmen that offered him to go to his house and show him some tricks to handle Max. little by little Max’s behaviour improves around other people.
Tyler visits the Wincott one evening and had an aggressive response from Max.

Ray asked what really happened before Kyle. Tyler said that Max turned on to Kyle that caused Kyle to let go of his weapon leading himself to death. Justin decides to investigate what really happened. He called one of Kyle’s old friend, Sergeant Reyes, to ask about Max identity and Tyler’s. Sergeant Reyes gave Justin a DVD which is a video of Kyle training Max that made him in tears.

Later, Justin was approached by Chuy’s cousin Emilio, a member of cartel, and presses him over a video game. After what happened Justin and Max followed Emilio secretly,  and observed what he was doing along with a cartel member and Tyler, who’s trying to sell stolen weapons to them. One of the cartel members and the dogs with them sensed something near them so the cartel members let go of the dogs and tried to catch Max and Justin. When the cartel dogs were near them, Max tried to fight them and let Justin go. while Max was fighting with two dogs one got severely wounded. Justin runs away living his bike behind. when he and Max returned home he saw Tyler and one of the cartel member Stack looking injured and accused that Max harmed them.
Max was taken by animal control but escapes, meanwhile ray saw Tyler doing illegal business with a cartel member but was held as a hostage. Max makes it home after the escape and leads Justin, Chuy and Carmen into the woods to rescue Ray. confronting the cartel, they were able to do something to distract the cartel members and rescue ray. Tyler and Stack went after to Ray and Justin but stacks truck crashed and stack died but Tyler cornered Justin in a damaged bridge but Max came to Tyler and attacked him. both of them fell on the side of the bridge and landed on a fall. Tyler died but Max survives.

I enjoyed this movie because I’m not usually a dog film watcher but this movie impressed me big time. This movie showed  how dogs are loyal to serve and to protect people, they detect and track for dangerous things, they are scouted as sentries and trackers, and they are use for searching  areas too difficult or too dangerous for a normal person or human soldiers.

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