The Unsolved Riddles of Existence

Why are there so many troubles and burdens that happens in our everyday life? like not having  breakfast or you forgot you had a project and it was due the next day  . Let’s all figure that out and un solve the riddles of existence learning and expanding our worldview

Do we control technology or does technology control us? Back in the old days, kids weren’t allowed to play without finishing homework. In our 21st century kids in our society plays video games or go to their social media and chat with friends after that they do their hw in about …. almost midnight. I admit, I too don’t have the time to do hw or even spend a time with God. Let us not allow technology take over us! let’s be active around and know what We missed or will miss in our everyday life.

Should you let little things bother you? like having a cereal with no milk or having maple syrup but no pan cake or accidentally dropping your phone in water. Nope you shouldn’t let it bother you because it will just ruin your whole day and affect others mood. Things are meant to happen, it maybe on purpose or accidental just accept it. If you let those bad things bother you it will eat you and you will rott. I mean you will think of it and feel guilty your whole life.

Are impossible things ever possible? YES it is. Moses was able to help the israelites to escape the egypt from slavery or mom’s can have a human inside her stomach so what proof do you want more if it’s just around you? impossible things are possible if you believe and be positive. If you’re worried about taking the test and you know yourself you studied then don’t go around saying you’re gonna fail it or you tried out for bungee jumping then gonna go around saying you’re too scared and going to ditch. like seriously everythings possible! and if I said everything I mean Everything in the name of Jesus.

All things has some side effects. It’s either good or bad just let it be, it’s the circle of life.“the awful burden of the unsolved riddles of existence.” are somewhat troublesome. At some time it may bother us but the next day or two it will be gone. Let’s just deal with those awful burdens because after that maybe something great awaits for us.

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