The Kill Order by James Dashner

Mark woke up sweating cold. After he relaxed himself a bit, Alec explored the Berg to see if the Berg has still energy and could still work.

He was suppose to come but he was to weak to go so Alec presented to go check the valves and wires etc. when Alec went to go check Mark still followed, as they walked something reflected in the corner of Mark’s eyes, it’s a…

Mark and Alec went straight up to the hallway with no exit on it. They fight bruce’s people before closing the Berg door or chamber.
Alec found workpads and controlled the Berg while Mark fight the pilots of the berg. As Mark fights the pilot He found out the the pilot has the flare. Mark continued to fight the pilot ignoring that he has the virus, He fights off the man who broke through the Berg’s glass window. After fighting it off Alec lands the Berg in cul-de-sac east from the bunker. Mark fell asleep from tiredness and Alec looks for food and any signs for the girls.

They were outside the lab when a guy named Bruce called for a meeting he said the PFC turned they’re backs at them and needed to protest and demand their rights. Bruce and his people made all the dirty works which was spreading the virus and darts en -exchange for foods.

Mark and Alec went out for a look out if someone was on the way to the room where they’re staying. Both were walking quietly through the hallway and spotted the laboratory where everything started. They watched and organized what those scientist were doing. They where watching them do their thing like transfering some king of medicine in darts and stuff, then someone stand in front of the lab and protested.

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