What role does technology play in our lives and in nature?

From the new stone age, Technology played a big part on humans lives and in nature, like technology-weapons and on natural resources. As it got bigger and better through years and was upgraded by humans. Some of them created machines, computers and other devices, which can be operated by individuals without any effort or knowledge of the workings of such things.
First of all, Technology from the very beginning was poor. People in the old ages didn’t find transportation easy nor communication. They had to travel here and there to get what they want instead of just buying it online .Others didn’t know how to speak the other person”s language so it was harder for them to communicate. They ride boats, horses  and go exploring looking for the things they want and need. Many was lacking before. But, thanks to today’s upgraded high technology a lot of people can do things that are impossible for the people way back in 800’s.
Technology to people in today’s society is a huge help, like People used to write messages to another person through letter then send it to a post office before your friend or family have your message. Now, they just send it through messenger or FB. Transportation today is high tech. We have planes, boats, cars, bike motors, and a lot more to be used for transporting! back then transportation was a lot complicated and was harder. Students that presents their project are now much easier rather than cutting pictures in magazine and writing words out then putting them on a cartolina. Elders that can’t walk anymore has their medicaid electric wheelchair or the Phoenix 3 Wheel Compact Portable Travel Power Scooter now a days. Workers on factories doesn’t have to do much hard individual works, instead they operate the machine to do some work for them. And a lot more.
Technology to nature. Like people who has farm or working at the farm. They don’t need much work to do because they have tractors that could help them at their job. People that looks for Gold out of nowhere? They now have Underground metal detector to show them where or signs of things they’re looking for. We have factories in our country that recycles reusable plastic bottles to help less loitering and more useable things to be used again and not just be thrown around the streets. And we have big bulldozers and trucks to help the carpenters and engineers to get the old buildings away from the new soon construction area.. Technology helps the nature by lessening the problems we have in our land and helping it to build a better and easier way to live for humans.
As you see, Technology does and still plays a huge role in our lives and in our environment. We discover new things while learning how to use and cooperate them. It helps us to understand more about what we need to know, like online tutorials in math or in life hacks that are shared in media which is in computers, phones etc.

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