Translations: Idea to Image : Battle Outbreak

One. Two. Three.
Suffering is near
four. Five. six.
making people grew more anxious

Swords and guns can be seen at the floor
Knights that battled had lost their life for more
Blood scattered, and the area was full of massacre
Bodies were buried with a pointed dagger in their chests
That would make them feel untouched and more at rest

Outrage flame glew at the night
The whole city was full of scorching fire
Cries of children and parents,
Chants for mercy but never got none

Pounding of hearts
And panting of breath
Signals were all unreachable
Satellite were no longer enable

Praying for peace
While hunger grew in their system
Makes their bones shiver
And their stomach grumble

“God why have you forsaken us?” says an old women
The war has begun
And peace had broken down
Nothing were left except their bodies
Making people think that there was no hope

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